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LabelExpo Europe 2005: WACKER SILICONES Showcases Paper and Film Coating Solutions

Published on 2005-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH -- WACKER SILICONES will present selected paper and film coatings from its DEHESIVE® product line at this year's Labelexpo Europe 2005 tradeshow in Brussels, Belgium, from September 21 to 24. The focus will be on high-speed and film coating solutions, efficient coating systems for improved cost control and optimizing customers' processes.

Reflecting the increased importance of coating speeds, precision and efficiency in the film and paper coating industry, WACKER SILICONES is featuring specially developed silicone release coatings for high-speed applications at this year's Labelexpo Europe. These release coatings optimize equipment productivity by enabling manufacturing speeds in excess of 1,000 meters per minute. In addition, a new catalyst supplements these high-speed systems. It unites catalytic and antimisting properties to minimize undesired misting.

WACKER SILICONES will also introduce especially economical coating systems that combine proven DEHESIVE® polymers with new crosslinker grades. These new combinations offer numerous advantages such as reduced need for platinum catalysts – which, in turn, leads to significant cost savings for coating processes.

DEHESIVE® for Film Coating

Film coating offers enormous market potential. Accordingly, WACKER SILICONES is focusing on silicone release coatings that enable excellent adhesion and rapid curing on a wide variety of film substrates.

For untreated polyester films, WACKER offers several coating solutions: proven solventless DEHESIVE® systems as well as specialized silicone emulsions. DEHESIVE® emulsions are addition-curing, two-component systems and can be used on standard coating machines.

DEHESIVE® Silicones

WACKER SILICONES has been developing and manufacturing silicone-based paper and film coating systems for over 30 years under its DEHESIVE® brand. DEHESIVE® silicones are organosilicon compounds developed by WACKER SILICONES specifically for the production of silicone release liners and films. Their chemical structure offers superior release properties in contact with sticky substances, along with excellent flow characteristics and rapid curing during processing. DEHESIVE® silicones are typically used as three-component systems consisting of a polymer, crosslinker and catalyst. In addition, CRA® controlled-release additives provide a wide range of release forces.


One of the world's leading producers of silicones, WACKER SILICONES offers one-stop solutions for products, services and strategies in the silicones field. It acts as co-driver for customers' innovations and helps them penetrate global markets, optimize business processes, reduce overall costs and boost productivity. WACKER SILICONES operates ten production sites with sales offices and subsidiaries in 26 countries and counts 3,500 employees (as of year-end 2004).

Source: WACKER

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