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Kustom Group Goes Beyond UV to Develop Overprints & Coatings for Digital Printing

Published on 2011-08-17. Author : SpecialChem

Kustom Group has developed a series of overprints and coatings to work successfully over a wide variety of digital printing applications. All of these chemistries can be used to meet the need to protect the digitally printed piece.

All too often the industry has focused on UV coatings as the product of choice to protect the digital print, but there are more options that will satisfy the needs for many of the print jobs. The use of a typical litho press is not often considered, but it can be used because of the development of these new products. Purchasing new UV coating equipment and learning about UV isn't necessary.

KS-190 Kentucky Shine Aqueous OPV

Kentucky Shine is a water based overprint that has all the properties of a typical aqueous coating when applied over digital printing. It is easily applied by a dry offset process thru the ink unit of any offset press which is readily available in most print shops. Matte, Satin and Soft-Feel finishes are available.

KB-3164 Lithomaster Gloss OPV for Digital

This product allows the printer to pattern-apply oil-based overprint to protect digital print. In addition, the in-line combination of Lithomaster Strike-Thru overprint varnish with a Kentucky Shine gloss overprint on any multicolor litho press enables further enhancement of the printed piece. This Strike-Thru process can be used to achieve a matte and gloss combination in one pass on the litho press. Reticulation finishes are also available.

KS-450 Kustom Kure UV Coating for Digital

This UV coating is specially formulated to adhere to many of the most difficult toner prints.

About Kustom Group

Kustom Group have become the 'right-size' for all of their customers. They can produce truckloads to five-pound cans. They manage our inventories, price their products and scale their operations to meet the needs of all their customers, large or small. They have been handling a new mix of products for more than 20 years. They are also known as Kustom Services or Kustom Blending. They are your technical resource for printing ink vehicle and coating technology.

Source: Kustom Group

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