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Jotun’s PFP Epoxy Coating System Offers Benefits in the Oil and Gas Sector

Published on 2015-12-30. Author : SpecialChem

Jotachar JF750, the mesh free Passive Fire Protection (PFP) epoxy coating system for structural steel, is rapidly setting new standards in the oil and gas sector – in terms of both its benefits and sales volumes. Launched just two years ago by Jotun, the ground breaking performance coating has already attracted substantial orders from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Fig. 1: Jotun’s PFP Epoxy Coating System
Offers Benefits in the Oil and Gas Sector

Jotun is happy to confirm that “many millions of kilograms” of Jotachar JF750 have already been installed since launch, now protecting key assets. One recent project award will consume over half a million kilograms for a major Middle East operator choosing Jotachar to protect two large offshore units against a broad range of fire scenarios, including jet fires.

“These significant volumes are an indication of the interest Jotachar JF750 has generated in the market,” states Global PFP Sales Director Performance Coatings, Andy Czainski. “Third party data and customer experience have shown that Jotachar reduces risk, time and cost during installation and increases safety during operation. Major Oil & Gas companies are approaching us to protect their high-value assets.”

Adding to a long list of third party approvals and certifications, Statoil – known to possess one of the industry’s most stringent safety standards – recently approved Jotachar JF750 in their governing document TR 0042.

“Although Jotachar was already a tested, proven and certified technology, winning the confidence of the most conservative and safety conscious operators, endorsements of this importance open up new opportunities with some of the industry’s best-known companies,” states Czainski, pointing out that Jotachar’s capacity to withstand the highest heat flux jet fires exceeding 350 kW/m2 – the only mesh free PFP epoxy successfully tested to this extreme requirement – has been critical in gaining such third party assurance.

“There is a drive in the industry to provide protection for higher risk assets against the most intense high heat flux jet fire scenarios. Jotachar has proven it is capable of exceeding these extreme requirements through rigorous independent tests, actually outlasting the high heat flux test facility during a recent witnessed test,” he adds.

While increased safety and reduced risk continue to be the primary objectives among operators, the current cost focus in the oil industry underlines the appeal of technologies that are proven to help meet project budgets and schedules. Recent project wins confirm this, says Czainski.

“With oil hovering around the USD 50 mark, reducing downtime is more critical than ever. This is especially the case on maintenance projects, where operators are seeking every opportunity to fast track their assets back to production. In this climate, a fire protection system that is proven to cut application time by up to 60%, while improving safety, is very attractive to asset owners and installers alike.”

“We are excited about the opportunities in the near future,” declares Czainski, “as Jotun looks to solidify its position as one of the leaders in mesh free PFP epoxy coatings”.

Additional product information:

Jotachar JF750 – protecting industry, reducing cost:

Launched in 2013, Jotachar JF750 helps users reduce cost and save time while protecting steel structures against a broad range of hydrocarbon fire scenarios, including jet fires.

The Jotachar system does not require mesh reinforcement, meaning the required coating thickness for any fire scenario can be applied in a single day, greatly reducing potential downtime. When compared to traditional mesh containing products, independent tests show that Jotachar can cut material costs by more than 20% and application time by 60% (on a typical 6,000 m2 project).

In addition to certification by all major Classification Societies, Jotachar JF750 is also approved under the Underwriters Laboratories listing scheme for up to 240 minutes protection.

Jotachar is fully compliant to the latest revision of NORSOK M-501, widely considered to be the industry’s most rigorous durability test standard, proving corrosion resistance, material durability, mechanical and fire performance after exposure.

About Jotun

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun - one of the world's leading paint and coating manufacturers, has been at the forefront in terms of developing products specifically suited to unique environmental conditions. Decades of experience through its presence in various parts of the world, has helped the company produce a variety of conventional and specialized paints and coatings - each incorporating the latest technological developments while offering performance with economy - catering to the various product segments and demands of the different markets. Jotun's diverse product range includes Decorative, Protective, Marine, Floor/Concrete Protection, Powder Coatings and Intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.

Source: Jotun

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