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Jotun Paints launches 'Lady' brand into the Middle East market to target ladies and end-users

Published on 2007-05-30. Author : SpecialChem

Pioneering move utilizes the latest paint technology to offer home consumers luxurious emulsion paints that are washable, neutral-scent and long-lasting.

In a move that reflects the increasing participation of ladies in their homes, Jotun Paints, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of paints, coatings and powder coatings, has launched the ‘Lady' interior brand into the Middle East market. The pioneering move introduces the interior paint brand, which utilizes the latest technology in emulsion paints, to cater to a growing niche market in the Middle East looking for high-quality and versatility in interior paints for home decoration.

Lady launch press conference in the Dubai office

The launch of the interior brand follows two years of extensive research in the regional Dubai-based R&D laboratory in close collaboration with Jotun Norway to come up with an interior paint brand which provides unrivalled home painting solution. Discerning female consumers and families now have high-quality acrylic paints in a beautiful matt finish that offers unique benefits that no other paint in the market can provide- easy clean, neutral scent and color last. Cleaning stains and dirt off painted walls will not leave any spots or affect the quality of the paint finishing. Further, the solvent-free paints do not leave any trace of odor after 6 hours of application, and the colors are guaranteed to last for years.

The internal launch of Jotun Lady attended by the sales and marketing teams from the Middle East region
The internal launch of Jotun Lady attended by the sales and marketing teams from the Middle East region

"Jotun allocated a significant amount of our annual budget to R&D last year to come up with the Lady brand, and for the first time here in the Middle East an interior paint specifically aimed at ladies and their families offers a convenient and cost-effective tool to change the look of their homes as often as they want," said Linda Tarifi Kender, Regional Interior Brand Manager, Jotun UAE.

"We recognize the ever-increasing role of ladies in their homes; they take a more active part in deciding the painting of their houses and are more informed and skilled in home decoration. We have also witnessed an increasing number of end-users visiting our website for information or asking our sales team to help them make decisions on their painting needs," added Kender.

‘Lady Essentials' adds to a distinctive range of paint products Jotun has brought to the Middle East region. The product has been specifically developed to cater to the preferences of home consumers in the Middle East, who want high-quality finishes with the convenience of washable and odor-free paints. Other Jotun paints previously introduced in the region such as the Jotun Pearl and the recently repositioned Fenomastic have been met with positive response. Jotun Pearl boasts of a pearl-like sheen, a first-of-its-kind special effects paint in the market. Carrying both enamel and emulsion options, the Fenomastic range caters to stringent professional needs for consistency, sustainability and quality.

"Jotun has become synonymous with innovation and groundbreaking concepts in paint manufacturing, and the launch of the Lady brand in the Middle East market is a reflection of our ability to identify unique needs and offer solutions to specific market segments. We are confident that the Lady brand will meet the expectations of our customers who have used Jotun's range of quality paints over the years, and we look forward to eventually exceed our targets for this new interior paint range," concluded Kender.

Source: Jotun

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