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Jotun Launches PSPC-approved Solvent-free Primer to the Worldwide Marine Market

Published on 2020-11-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Jotun_Solvent_Free_PrimerJotun launches its proven Jotacote Universal S120 primer to the worldwide market after three years of success in the North East Asian and West European market. Jotacote Universal S120 is one of the world’s first PSPC approved single coat, solvent-free system, with approvals since 2017.

Jotacote Universal S120: Anticorrosive Properties

The universal primer has now been applied to a variety of vessels including 12 delivered vessels with six more under construction and an additional four projects secured. Customer feedback, Jotun reports, has exceeded all expectations. Jotun has by far the greatest number of applications for solvent-free universal primer in the newbuild market.

Jotacote Universal S120 was introduced to leading yards in North East Asia and West Europe in 2017. The solution, the first of its kind on the market, features patent pending Covallox™ technology that incorporate covalent bonds in its chemistry on top of the already existing hydrogen bonds typical of conventional epoxy. This offers unrivalled substrate adhesion providing durability and anticorrosive properties targeted at lifetime protection of the vessel, particularly in the ballast tanks.

The response we have received from the market in North East Asia and West Europe illustrates the efficacy of Jotacote Universal S120 and the strong benefits it delivers to shipowners. This has been a careful process of evaluation, following an extensive development program for Covallox™ technology - which has taken place over 16 years – and we are now gearing up to take this unique product to our global customers,” commented Dr. Erik Risberg, global marketing director, Jotun Marine Coatings.

Single Coat Solvent-free PSPC Approved System

Although solvent-free definitions can vary from market to market, Jotacote Universal S120 is a ‘true’ solvent-free primer. This maximizes its potential to reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and CO2 emissions. It is considered that universal primers often represent 60-80 percent of the total paint volume on a newbuilding project which would then translate to a great reduction in VOC emissions for forward thinking yards and owners. The single coat solvent-free PSPC approved system of Jotacote Universal S120 further reduces complexity and production time improving shipbuilding efficiency by up to 43 percent.

It is market proven in South Korea, one of the world’s leading shipbuilding nations as well as in Germany which specializes in building cruise vessels. This gives us an excellent foundation to build upon and we believe Jotacote Universal S120 can be a genuine gamechanger within marine universal primers. The application of single coat systems is more demanding, and this careful approach has enabled Jotun’s technical staff to establish robust procedures to ensure the perfect completion,” said Risberg.

Traditional solvent-borne coatings can become brittle over time, aging with both exposure to ballast water and the hot and humid conditions of laden vessels. However, with Covallox™ technology we can minimize the aging process and retain the coating’s original flexibility ensuring unbeatable durability and minimal maintenance throughout the vessel’s life cycle. This leads to compelling cost benefits, especially as, with less durable coatings, steel replacement is often necessary. But not with Jotacote Universal S120!

With the significant reduction in emissions, and clear commercial benefits for both owners and builders, Jotacote Universal S120 has a huge potential as an alternative to conventional coatings for the maritime industry.

Source: Jotun
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