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Jayant Agro Organics Unveils Castor Oil-based Coalescing Agent for Paints

Published on 2017-06-20. Author : SpecialChem

Jayant Agro Organics has developed Jagronol-C - a castor oil based Coalescing agent.

Bio-based Coalescing Agent

castor seeds
Jayant Agro Organics Unveils Castor Oil-based
Coalescing Agent for Paints

  • Jagronol-C is a bio based compound derived from Castor oil that is compatible with all types of paints
  • It has high flash point and low freezing point
  • Jagronol-C is non-hazardous and easy to handle
  • Addition of upto just 2% of Jagronol-C gives a significant coalescence in the paint
  • Provides better color development, scrub resistance, gloss and wash-ability to the paint

Developing Better Surface Properties with Jagronol-C

Jagronol-C solves the issue of the ever increasing demand of cost effective bio based coalescing agent. It has a higher boiling point than water (180°C) and is immiscible with water. Such coalescing agents penetrate the polymer molecule and soften it. This helps the paint be a better homogeneous film after drying. Jagronol-C thus helps in developing better surface properties.

Jagronol-C is a hydrolytically stable product. Paints with lower pH value are more susceptible to biological contamination. pH drop is not observed in the paint over a period of 7 days.

The performance of thickening agents is not affected by the use of Jagronol. Unwanted sagging is thus not observed in the paints.

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Source: Jayant Agro
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