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ISP Unveils Jaypol™ Performance Additives at ACS 2010

Published on 2010-05-05. Author : SpecialChem

Charlotte, North Carolina -- ISP introduced Jaypol™ performance additives at the American Coatings show, providing marketers of water-based coatings in North America a first look at functional products based on acrylates chemistry. A series of Jaypol™ dispersants, co-binders and rheology modifiers made available by ISP offer manufacturers new options to produce water-based coatings of superior quality with excellent efficiency and economics. Most Jaypol additives are engineered to advance the processing and performance attributes of coatings at low use levels. ISP will offer the new Jaypol series of performance additives in sodium and ammonium formulations for manufacturers that require flexibility in tailoring the moisture resistance attributes of dry film, the water sensitivity of produced coatings, and other requirements, such as electrolyte tolerance.

According to Scott Edris, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Performance & Agricultural Chemicals, with the introduction of Jaypol performance additives, ISP has bolstered its line-up of polymeric products that offer the coatings industry the processing latitude and functionality they need to produce superior water-based coatings. "For years, the industry has depended on our highly functional Gantrez® copolymers to produce high quality coatings without a hitch," he said. "The new Jaypol series of performance additives derived from acrylate chemistry provides coatings manufacturers additional technologies to produce water-based coatings with the latitude they need to achieve formulation goals," he said.

Dispersants for today's water-based coatings

Included in the new line of products is low-viscosity dispersing agents for water-based coatings. Built from an organic polymer base, these performance additives offer extraordinary processing latitude, with no adverse reaction to high temperatures or changes in pH. Products such as Jaypol™S40 are also user-friendly, requiring no pre-dilution. Other products, such as Jaypol™ F for satin and gloss paints, are widely compatible with glycols, helping to simplify the manufacture of high-performing, high sheen formulations.

Co-binders for custom blending

As formulators look for alternatives to coalescing agents and plasticizers, co-binders will serve as an increasingly important technology for modifying the film properties of the primary paint binder. New Jaypol co-binders are designed with different glass transition points, providing the paint formulator with a number of options to modify the flexibility and hardness of commodity resins with much less effect on other properties than coalescing agents or plasticizers. The Jaypol™ H series offer glass transition temperatures that range from 18 to 35°C while the Jaypol™ B series is available with glass transition points ranging from -14 to 28°C.

Dispersion polymers for "one shot" thickening

Coatings and adhesives manufacturers have new options to thicken water-based systems with Jaypol liquid dispersion polymers. The products provide the benefit of rheological control at very low use levels. According to Greg Hertenberger, North American Business Manager, the Jaypol AL series offer manufacturers "one shot" thickening of water-based adhesive systems and high viscosity building materials. Jaypol AL, a 60% solids sodium salt acrylic polymer, offers the added benefit of superior electrolyte tolerance. A powder form of Jaypol Al - Jaypol AL Powder - will disperse efficiently and wet out properly in aqueous systems. Jaypol ALA, a 60% solids ammonium salt polymer, provides the benefit of lower water-sensitive systems.

"Manufacturers of coatings and building materials will find our thickeners, based on acrylic polymers, deliver on the promise of performance," Hertenbeger said. "Jaypol dispersion polymers, in particular, are a true friend of formulators because they may be used in a wide range of conditions with no adverse reactions. Jaypol AL dispersion polymers perform well at high temperatures, and remain stable with changes in pH. Compared to inorganic counterparts, Jaypol AL dispersions for thickening offer formulators broad processing latitude," he added.

Source: ISP

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