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ISP to Exhibit Fungitrol® 940 Dry Film Preservative at ECS 2011

Published on 2011-03-09. Author : SpecialChem

WAYNE, NJ -- ISP announced Fungitrol® 940 CR fungicide for dry-film protection of paints and coatings will be introduced at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, March 29. The new offering is designed to deliver a minimum amount of fungicide to the coating interface over an extend period of time. Based on the controlled release of IPBC (active) through microencapsulation into an inorganic carrier, Fungitrol 940CR may be used to resolve tradeoffs in dry-film protection strategies and to enhance the overall performance of fungicide in use.

According to Karen Winkowski, Sr. Director of Performance Chemicals and Biocides Applications, with the launch of Fungitrol 940CR, paint makers will have better options to maintain coatings free of microbial defacement without relying on high biocide loading levels. "Traditionally, high levels of biocide are added to formulations to ensure a sufficient amount of biocide migrates to the coating surface interface, where they exert their biocidal effect," she said. "Yet this strategy also renders the biocide susceptible to water leaching under humid conditions and to typical environmental degradation processes, such as UV and heat. We found that by controlling the release of IPBC through encapsulation technology, a minimum concentration is always present at the surface interface."

In a paper to be presented at the European Coatings Show March 31, Hall 7, 10:30 AM, the authors will show that IPBC is released slower than non-encapsulated as measured by analytical and microbiological methods. Encapsulated IPBC was also more resistant to environmental degradation, such as UV and heat, indicating enhanced dry-film protection. The inorganic carrier of the encapsulated active will serve as a mechanism to extend protection against environmental degradation. The authors of "Enhanced Dry-film Protection of Biocides and Coatings" will also show the environmental benefits of a controlled release system based on an inorganic matrix that is inert and fully compatible with most coating compositions.

Reducing Environmental Impact

With governing rules such as the European Biocidal Product Directive aimed at high levels of protection for humans and the environment, ISP is working with the paints and coatings industry in support of novel dry-film protection strategies. Utilizing tailored controlled release mechanisms, such as the one found in Fungitrol 940CR, represents an opportunity to reduce the amount of biocide that is released to the environment over a period of time. Because the controlled release mechanism is designed to provide the minimum concentration of biocide required at the surface interface to prevent colonization by fungi and/or algae, it is possible to reduce the amount of biocide released to the environment over time. According to Winkowski, experiments conducted with Fungitrol 940CR suggest that encapsulating IPBC with robust technology will decrease the amount of biocide leaching out of film. "Paint films, one containing encapsulated IPBC and another containing non-encapsulated IPBC, were suspended in 100 ml of water with constant stirring," she said. "As measured by UV spectroscopy, the cumulative IPBC content in the leachate is measurably lower in the sample with encapsulated IPBC technology."

The new offering has been tested with excellent long-term microbial inhibition on both interior and exterior paint applications. In outdoor fence exposure of acrylic paint formulated for quick fail, after 18 months, its performance was compared with conventional IPBC. The results indicate the carrier system helped better protect against defacement from weather as well as yellowing by UV exposure. All of these benefits provide formulators of paints and coatings opportunities to adopt robust dry-film protection strategies previously unavailable in the marketplace.

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Source: International Specialty Products Inc.

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