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INX at Euro Cantech Conference: Unveiled INXCure® PrintPro Metal Decorating Ink Systems

Published on 2015-03-30. Author : SpecialChem

Schaumburg, IL -- As a global supplier of metal decorating ink for 2-piece cans and flat sheet metal printing, INX International Ink Co. continues to develop unique new products to meet market demands. Two new products were unveiled at the second annual Euro CanTech Conference, which took place between March 23-25 in Barcelona, Spain.

The MDO Base System for Impact Extruded Metal Containers and INXCure® PrintPro process colors for flat sheet metal decorating, are designed for the monobloc and flat sheet markets. INX showcased more metal decorating products, including the INXCure® PrintPro Base System for flat sheet metal decorating.

"Our commitment to metal decorating is second to none," remarked Rick Clendenning, President and CEO of INX International Ink Co. "Our R&D capabilities are outstanding and customers are quick to tell me how our team helps keep them ahead of the competition with products that make a big difference. We opened a new facility a year ago in England devoted to metal decorating production, and the state-of-the-art equipment we installed is playing a major role in our success at exceeding customer expectations."

MDO Base System thermoset impact extruded metal decorating inks have many positive attributes. In addition to curing with short dwell times, customers can expect to experience improved transfer, in flow and scratch resistance. The inks are available in eight base colors, in addition to various secondary and permanent colors.
Intended for use on crowns, screw caps, closures, 2-piece DRD cans, welded aerosols and decorative tin applications, INXCure PrintPro process colors offer numerous benefits. Formulated for outstanding printability with improved misting and fast cure response, these UV Curable inks offer excellent fabrication and flexibility and are compatible with a range of exterior coatings, including cationic UV chemistries. They are available in a substantial number of base, secondary, and permanent color options.

About INX International Ink Co.
INX International Ink Co. is the third largest producer of inks in North America with over 15 facilities in the U.S. and Canada, and is a global supplier as part of Sakata INX worldwide operations. It offers a complete line of ink and coating solutions technology for commercial, packaging and digital applications. As one of the leading global manufacturers of inkjet inks, it provides a full palette of digital ink systems, advanced technologies and integrated services.

Source: INX International Ink Co.

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