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Intertronics Introduces Spray Valve for Spray Coat Low Viscosity Materials

Published on 2011-07-12. Author : SpecialChem

The U.K.'s market leading adhesives specialists at Intertronics have a new solution for manufacturers seeking to spray coat low viscosity materials at close tolerances, such as for conformal coatings or inks in low value production and prototyping applications.

The new Fisnar SV1000SS is a stainless steel unit for fluids of up to 1000 cps with a shot rate frequency of 200 c.p.m. and readily mounted on fixed stands from the Intertronics range or on low cost robotic systems such as the 4000 and 7400 which further enhance the production flexibility of the units operation. So pleased are Intertronics with the operation of this device that they are delighted to arrange a demonstration.

Features of the SV1000SS include capability for cone (circular) or fan pattern spray of materials such as flux, polyurethane, paint, lubricants, inks and conformal coatings - for example silicone conformal coatings from ACC or many of the DYMAX 948 range of solvent free, fast light-cure materials which ensure electrical insulation/physical protection in harsh environments.

The SV1000SS is precision manufactured in stainless steel to provide a close tolerance 12° spray angle without clogging. Control may be provided by an SCC100 valve controller which regulates the operating air pressure opening a needle valve thus allowing material to flow; a separate air line creates pressure in the air cap, atomizing the fluid. The valve is adjustable by turning the stroke-adjust control at the rear of the valve which will fine tune the spray pattern, with opening and closing effected by applying pressure to the ports subject to the valve controller, using fluid pressure of as little as 70 psi or up to 100 psi with a spray flow rate up to 28cc/sec.


INTERTRONICS is dedicated to exceeding our customer expectations by providing quality material, consumable and equipment solutions to the high technology, high performance assembly industries, incorporating outstanding levels of technical support and customer service.


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