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INTERPOLYMER: New cationic acrylic polymer dispersions for high performance, waterbased stain blocking paints and lacquers

Published on 2005-01-19. Author : SpecialChem

INTERPOLYMER GmbH Hassloch has systematically extended its product portfolio during the last years and now also offers tailor-made, waterbased polymer dispersions as binders for specialty paints and lacquers. These polymers, which are marketed under the name SYNTRAN®, are cationic acrylic polymer dispersions. They were designed for high performance, waterbased stain blocking primers and paints for DIY and professional application.

The cationic technology developed by INTERPOLYMER allows to formulate products with very good adhesion properties on a wide variety of substrates. In addition it could be shown that, compared to anionic polymer dispersions, the stain blocking performance of SYNTRAN® on surfaces stained with nicotine, on wood rich in dicoloring extractives and also on cork is considerably better.

In contrast to most other common market products, these special SYNTRAN® polymer dispersions allow for the formulation of stain blocking paints that in many cases can achieve very good anti-bleeding properties already with a single paint layer, and even without a visible discoloration of this single coating itself. Thus an application of a topcoat is not necessarily required. Due to their exceptional stain blocking performance, SYNTRAN® cationic polymers thus also allow to formulate '2 in 1' primer / topcoat stain blocking paint products.

SYNTRAN® cationic polymers are suitable for environmentally friendly products, that can fulfil the tightened VOC regulations that were imposed by the European Union for 2007 and 2010. They thus present an excellent alternative to current solvent-based systems.

By expertly varying the monomer composition, the hardness of the polymers can be tailored in a wide range. Harder polymers for example can be used for sealers that require a good sandability.

INTERPOLYMER Corp., headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, is a leading producer of specialty polymers and wax emulsions with regional headquarters and production facilities in the United States and Europe and sales offices in Germany, France, and China.


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