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International Coatings Introduces 3823 Destructo™ Black Ink

Published on 2011-01-14. Author : SpecialChem

International Coatings Company™ introduces its new 3823 Destructo™ Black special effects ink. After curing, Destructo™ Black prints crack and split apart when pulled, stretched, or crumpled, resulting in a vintage or antique look.

3823 Destructo™ Black was developed specifically in response to customer demand for an ink that could imitate flaking or weathered paint.

3823 Destructo™ Black special effects ink

"Following the successful launch of our Destructo™ White, customers asked us for a black version. The vintage or distressed trend in fashion is continuing to gain momentum," said Steve Kahane, President of International Coatings. "Our Destructo™ Black allows printers to easily achieve that look. We've received very positive feedback on its performance and its ease of use."

3823 Destructo™ Black is Non-Phthalate, press ready and offers excellent wash-fastness. It can be used on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics. Simply cure 3823 Destructo™ Black at 350°F (170°C), slightly higher than the cure temperature for conventional plastisol inks; then stretch or crumple the fabric to achieve the cracking effect.

3823 Destructo™ Black ink is available through International Coatings' exclusive network of distributor companies.

About International Coatings

Quality products, innovation and superior customer service have been the hallmarks of International Coatings Company for more than 50 years. A pioneer in the production of vinyl and urethane plastics, specialty coatings and adhesives, and a leader in the development of textile screen-printing inks, we have the product line, formulation capabilities and experience to make your ideas a reality.

Source: International Coatings

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