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Incorez’s Oxazolidines Minimize Pinhole Defects for Improved Film Integrity

Published on 2018-09-25. Author : SpecialChem

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Incorez has a team of chemists who listen to their customers, so they can solve their problems. It could be a new resin, or a matter of tweaking an existing formulation. It might be helping a customer achieve the finish they have been wanting or pass a regulation they have failed for years. Regardless of the requirement, custom chemistry will help improve a customer’s product in the long term.


Speed-up Curing and Prevent CO2 Generation with Oxazolidines

Osmotic blistering is a common problem in the coatings industry. Traditional polyurethane coating applications have a slow and haphazard curing process, which allows moisture or humidity to cause unwanted reactions, generating CO2 bubbles. These create pinholes or blisters, which weaken the film integrity, and spoil the finished appearance. The fact that these bubbles occur during the curing process would be seen by many as unavoidable, but oxazolidines speed up curing, and prevent the generation of CO2. In other words, oxazolidine technology will eliminate bubbling during application, helping to preserve aesthetics, and minimize pinhole defects. This ensures a better finish, and improved film integrity. Moisture-triggered chemistry enables curing in all temperatures and humidity conditions, with the same end result – a tougher, more durable film.

The huge rise in resin flooring has seen customers demand greater levels of performance for specific applications, but much depends on the nature of the amine curing agent. There are many perceived weaknesses of water-based curing agents, one being that they cannot achieve the same performance as solvent-based technology.

Incorez Curing Agents for Floor Paints

Incorez has taken performance to a new level, developing a hardener that has good universal compatibility with all epoxy resin types, and addresses fundamental challenges with water-based technology, such as low-temperature cure, blushing, and water resistance. This coupled with physical characteristics such as excellent abrasion and impact resistance, together with high chemical, water and solvent resistance, make Incorez curing agents the perfect choice for user-friendly industrial and decorative concrete floor paints.

But, when it comes to customized solutions, there are few technologies that can match water-based polyurethane dispersions for versatility and performance. The launch of the Dispurez product range in 2015 was the start of a new era for these water-based products, delivering high performance with environmentally and user-friendly chemistry.

With the recent addition of a new tough, chemically and hydrolytically stable product, Dispurez 103, the product range offers a great starting point for the development of next generation, high performance products. However, if these don’t quite suit your needs then our skilled and experienced research team in Preston can go one step further and tailor these to deliver exactly what you want.

Chemically related to oxazolidines, Incorez also offers an aldimine latent hardener, Incozol BH, which hydrolyses on exposure to moisture, to give you a reactive amine crosslinker ideally suited for use in high-build polyurethane systems, such as sealants and adhesives. This unique latent curing agent not only speeds up the cure of low NCO-containing prepolymers, but also allows for faster through-cure with no bubbles from the formation of carbon dioxide, giving you a perfectly cured product no matter what the environment.

The search for products that help improve the performance of formulated systems is constantly evolving whatever industry you are in. By working closely with our customers, to continually innovating and breaking new ground Incorez can make a real difference where it counts.

Source: Incorez
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