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Incorez’s New Waterborne PUD for Automotive & Plastic Coatings

Published on 2018-09-21. Author : SpecialChem

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Incorez has launched Dispurez® 103, a tough and flexible new waterborne polyurethane dispersion (PUD) that is ideally suited for automotive and waterproofing applications.

New Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion

Car interior
Incorez’s New Waterborne PUD for Automotive & Plastic Coatings
Used as both a durable coating for interior and exterior automotive plastic substrates and as a flexible, tough coating in waterproofing membranes, Dispurez® 103 is non- hazardous and exhibits excellent chemical, stain, and hydrolysis resistance. Upon application, the water evaporates to yield a tough and flexible transparent film.

Benefits of Dispurez® 103

  • Along with superb weathering resistance, Dispurez® 103 also offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics, including ABS, polycarbonate, and PET, to name but a few. 
  • Dispurez® 103 forms part of the Dispurez® polyurethane range of high performance, hazard-free dispersions
  • Whether used as polyurethane dispersions alone or in combination with acrylic, Dispurez® formulations safely overcome performance issues such as, increasing cohesion and impact resistance

Kirk Booth at Incorez, said: “In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, the effectiveness of polyurethane dispersions in enhancing the performance of acrylics has long been recognized by waterborne coating formulators. Their development is testament to the importance of innovating through skilled custom chemistry, to evolve technology.

The development of novel, proprietary chemistries and processes makes it possible to achieve excellent coalescence, with minimal additional co-solvent, to give hard, crystalline polyurethane coatings, allowing the formulator to limit the VOC content, and satisfy increasingly stringent legislation requirements.

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