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Incorez’s High-performance Accelerator Designed for Faster Curing 2K PU Coatings

Published on 2019-08-26. Author : SpecialChem

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Designed to accelerate cure in PU systems without producing CO2 gassing, Incorez's Aldirez A is a bis-aldimine that facilitates bubble-free performance in both aromatic and aliphatic pre-polymers, even at low temperatures and high humidity conditions.


Aldirez A for Faster Curing 2K PU Coatings

This high-performance accelerator can be used with 2K PU primers for fast-curing protective coatings and floor surfaces. The versatile Aldirez range has been specifically developed for sealant and coating formulations and takes performance to all new levels. The culmination of years of research and innovation, the range is testament to its ability to meet every challenge through innovative tailored solutions.

Used to seal movement, connection and floor joints and for formulating sealing and bonding solutions, Aldirez BH is a high-performance additive that optimizes the stability and efficacy of flexible joint sealants. This latent curing agent provides moisture triggered technology which enables water and weatherproof compounds to be developed and used inside and outside. Simply by taking moisture out of the equation, Aldirez BH is the ideal solution for defect-free, high-build polyurethane systems.

By working in partnership with companies, the Aldirez range can also be tailored and ‘customized’ to meet the most specialized application by the skilled and experienced Incorez technical team in Preston.

Source: Incorez
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