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IMERYS Launches High Performance Imerprintâ„¢ 07K for Lithographic Printing Inks

Published on 2014-07-08. Author : SpecialChem

PARIS -- IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe has announced the launch of its new ImerPrint™ 07K, developed specifically for lithographic printing inks.

ImerPrint™ 07K is a high performance kaolin designed to improve the lithotronic behaviour of offset inks, by providing good water uptake without kaolin washout or bleeding into the fount solution. This allows a higher addition level in to the printing inks formulation thus delivering a more effective cost-performance solution.

This new engineered kaolin disperses well into varnishes and resins, and gives low Hegman values on grinding or triple-roll milling. It offers increased viscosity of offset inks, resulting in ink "structure" and reduced misting on the printing press.

The use of ImerPrint™ 07K in lithographic inks provides good pigment efficiency therefore maintaining colour strength and ink mileage. The platy kaolin structure of ImerPrint™ 07K reduces ink penetration into paper fibres resulting in better ink holdout onto the paper surface and reduced strike-through.

About IMERYS Filtration & Additives

IMERYS Filtration & Additives Europe provides customers with tailor-made solutions in a highly technical field, based on the processing of kaolins, mica, diatomaceous earth, perlite and vermiculite. The development of partnerships with customers is essential within the value-added markets of performance minerals comprising plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives, caulks and sealants, health, beauty & nutrition and building & construction materials. One of the world leaders in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, with €3.7 billion revenue and 15,800 employees in 2013, Imerys transforms a unique range of minerals to deliver essential functions (heat resistance, mechanical strength, conductivity, coverage, barrier effect, etc.) that are essential to its customers' products and manufacturing processes.

Source: IMERYS Filtration & Additives

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