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IGL Coatings Launches Graphene Reinforced One-layer Coating

Published on 2021-04-19. Author : SpecialChem

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EZ-Graphene-SMPIGL Coatings announced the launch of their latest and newest addition to its line of graphene reinforced coatings, Ecocoat EZ. Designed specifically as an introductory level coating, the new and improved Ecocoat EZ is 8H rated, has a durability of up to 12 months, and the only one-layer coating.

New Formula for Improved Hydrophobicity

The improved formula of Ecocoat EZ is reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets has a hardness rating of 8H, an upgrade from the previously formulated which had a hardness rating of 7H. The new formula significantly improves hydrophobicity with increased water spot & chemical resistance, improved slip for efficient cleaning, with an outstanding gloss.

Responding to the need of their on-the-go detailers, the IGL team doubled their work time to introduce a versatile and durable single-layer coating. The new graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ achieves all that and more.

The new Ecocoat EZ, is a unique single layer, low solids coating which has been performing outstandingly compared to the previously formulated Ecocoat EZ. The original formulation of Ecocoat EZ had a hardness rating of 7H. Reinforced with graphene, its hardness rating increased to 8H without compromising the gloss.

The new formula has a marked improvement in reflectivity and resistance against micro marring and dullness. Graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ works well on paint, wheels, and glass with a durability rating of 12 months.

Ecocoat EZ uses a unique and simple mechanism. The 1-layer system crosslinks with a slight impregnation to the paint; saving application time and cost. It’s designed to address the current difficulties faced by ‘on-the-go’ detailers who are looking for a fast and simple all-in-one coating,” said Keong, CEO of IGL Coatings.

The sweat and tears of our team are paying off. The introduction of graphene nanoplatelets and the improved formula of EZ will set a new standard in the industry,” shared Keong. “A definite game-changer.”

Graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ is compliant with import regulations TSCA (USA), AICS (Australia), ECHA (EU), and KECL (South Korea).

Source: IGL Coatings
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