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Huntsman at ChinaCoat’14: to Present its Range of Pigments and Additives for Coatings

Published on 2014-11-27. Author : SpecialChem

Recently Huntsman completed the $1.3billion acquisition of Rockwood’s performance additives and titanium dioxide businesses that has transformed its global Huntsman Pigments business into one of the most diversified producers of pigments and additives in the world.

Huntsman Pigments is now a stronger, more specialized global business that manufactures a broad range of world class titanium dioxide pigments, specialty titanium dioxide pigments, color pigments, functional additives and timber1 and water treatment chemicals. As a result of the acquisition, the company now operates from over 30 locations worldwide and has more than 200 years of combined manufacturing experience. It is proud to serve a wide range of global industries including agriculture, automotive, coatings, construction, consumer durables, cosmetics, fibers, food, inks, paper, personal care, pharmaceuticals, plastics, timber treatment1 and water treatment.

Driving performance in coatings
Huntsman Pigments will promote many of its world class specialty titanium dioxide and color pigments at Chinacoat this year including its lead-free replacement color pigments, its ultramarine pigments for toys and acid resisting applications, and its pigments for special effect coatings including infrared reflecting pigments - all designed to drive performance in coatings.

Visit the Huntsman Pigments exhibition stand D43-48 in Hall 10.2 at Chinacoat to meet the Huntsman Pigments team. Read on to find out more:

TIOXIDE® titanium dioxide pigments for a wide range of decorative and protective coatings.
Coatings must perform in a wide range of conditions from the extreme of a marine environment for offshore rigs, to the shop fittings and shelving of a busy retail space or the everyday punishing conditions of our homes and workplaces. Ask the Huntsman Pigments team about TIOXIDE®TR81 pigment, a highly durable titanium dioxide pigment that delivers excellent opacity and optical performance for durable industrial coatings that need to provide protective performance and stunning aesthetics in challenging environments. Find out about the benefits of TIOXIDE®TR88 pigment that’s specially developed for low VOC, waterborne and high solids decorative paint formulations. Ask us about our multi-functional TIOXIDE®TR92 pigment that has been designed to give high opacity and excellent dispersibility in a wide range of industrial and decorative coatings applications.

Specialty titanium dioxide pigments and functional additives
Particle size distribution has a significant influence on the performance of titanium dioxide pigments in paint and coating systems. Our specialty titanium dioxide pigments like SACHTLEBEN RDO® pigment and our HOMBITAN® pigment range possess optimized particle size distribution and surface treatments carefully tailored to the pigments’ ultimate uses. The narrow particle size distribution of these pigments assures reliable and consistently good performance of our pigments in many specialty applications.

Huntsman’s synthetic barium sulfates have been available for coatings applications for more than one hundred years. The outstanding technical performance of our BLANC FIXETM micro barium sulfate makes it suitable for use in a large range of coatings applications. Customers have at their disposal a broad range of BLANC FIXETM products for achievement of maximum technical benefit.

Inorganic color pigments for coatings
At Chinacoat we will also promote our range of inorganic color pigments and pigment dispersions for general purpose and heavy duty applications and for more specialist coatings applications like high temperature coatings and wood care.
•High temperature – Huntsman’s SOLAPLEX®, FERRITAN™ and MAPICO® color pigments in yellow, tan and jet black can be used as extenders for costly organics and withstand temperatures exceeding 400°C.
•High performance – Huntsman’s TRANS-OXIDE® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, available in red, yellow or brown. Manufactured with needle-shaped particles that will not scatter light even when fully dispersed, our TRANS-OXIDE® pigments are exceptionally transparent yet are still able to provide high color strength and protective weather resistance and UV-barrier properties.
•Multiple function – Our DISPERFIN® and TIMBASOL® pigment dispersions for wood are suitable for internal and external use and are compatible with a wide range of solvent and water based media. At high pigment loading and tint strength, they exhibit excellent transparency and offer customers the ability to produce coatings in a wide color range with excellent lightfastness, weatherability and UV protection.

SOLAPLEX® yellow and orange inorganic pigments
Huntsman Pigments is a leading manufacturer of advanced high performance inorganic pigments. At Chinacoat we will be exhibiting our range of SOLAPLEX® yellow and orange inorganic pigments, for full or part replacement of traditional heavy metal pigments. SOLAPLEX® pigments are approved by the FDA for food contact (FCN 1252), which opens up new formulating options in colored coatings, plastics and construction related applications that demand high performance or indirect food contact. Huntsman’s comprehensive range of synthetic heat-stable yellow, orange and red iron oxides combine uniquely with SOLAPLEX® pigments to optimize the properties of concentrated heavy metal free formulations, keeping formulation costs to a minimum. Meet us at Chinacoat to ask for formulation advice and to learn more.

Ultramarine pigments
To meet customer demand and a change in regulation, Huntsman Pigments’ latest ultramarine pigment has been developed for use in children’s toy applications. Huntsman’s Ultramarine Grade 71 pigment enables customers to continue using ultramarine blues with complete confidence for toys that meet the most demanding liquid and sticky toy category in the recently updated European Safety of Toys Directive 2009/48/EC that came into effect on 20 July 2013. Huntsman Pigments will also promote its acid resisting ultramarine pigments and its fine particle size ultramarine pigments for special effect coatings at Chinacoat this year.

Infrared reflection - Huntsman will also promote its ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment and its REFLECTTM mixed metal oxide pigment range at Chinacoat, both designed to give external ‘cool’ coatings the power to reflect solar energy.

Visit the Huntsman Pigments stand at Chinacoat to meet the team.

About Huntsman
Huntsman Corporation is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals with 2013 revenues of approximately $13 billion including the acquisition of Rockwood’s performance additives and titanium dioxide businesses. Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets. We operate more than 100 manufacturing and R&D facilities in more than 30 countries and employ approximately 15,000 associates within our 5 distinct business divisions..

Forward-Looking Statements:
Statements in this release that are not historical are forward-looking statements. These statements are based on management's current beliefs and expectations. The forward-looking statements in this release are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances and involve risks and uncertainties that may affect the company's operations, markets, products, services, prices and other factors as discussed in the Huntsman companies' filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Significant risks and uncertainties may relate to, but are not limited to, financial, economic, competitive, environmental, political, legal, regulatory and technological factors. The company assumes no obligation to provide revisions to any forward-looking statements should circumstances change, except as otherwise required by applicable laws.

1Marketed through Viance, a Huntsman/Dow JV.

ALTIRIS®, DISPERFIN®, HOMBITAN® , MAPICO®, SACHTLEBEN RDO®, SOLAPLEX®, TIMBASOL®, TIOXIDE®, and TRANS-OXIDE®, are registered trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all countries. BLANC FIXE™, FERRITAN™ and REFLECT™ are trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof. © 2014 Huntsman Corporation. All rights reserved.

Source: Huntsman

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