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Holliday Pigments Presents Special Effect Grades at Chinacoat 2009

Published on 2009-10-02. Author : SpecialChem

Longstanding supplier and manufacturer of technical Ultramarines, Holliday Pigments is using Chinacoat 2009 as a platform to present its high gloss (HG) and high transparency (TR) grades for achieving specific effects across a wide range of coatings applications.

Showing in Hall E3, Zone 3 (Booth E3G17-20) the company is focusing on its Ultramarine TR and Ultramarine HG lines following a shift in demand for its finer grades in China. Furthermore, the Chinese government's RMB¥100billion commitment to improving its infrastructure is creating opportunities across the numerous industrial sectors served in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region and increasing demand for the types of industrial coatings catered for by Holliday Pigments' Ultramarine HG and TR - including automobile, electrical equipment, mobile phones, bicycles, metal casings and similar applications.

"In volume terms, Asia is probably the largest consumer of technical ultramarines in the world and special effect pigments remain highly sought after within Asia's coatings sectors, where ultramarine's natural transparency offers many possibilities for specifiers and designers," said Holliday Pigments' Managing Director, Glyn Jagger. "Its unique position within the colour space means that no other pigment or combination of pigments gives such a chromatic, red-blue shade that works in synergy with interference pigments."

While Holliday Pigments' Ultramarine HG offers a high gloss, high strength finish; its Ultramarine TR achieves the highest strength blue with the highest transparency. Careful control of the particle size, particle size distribution (PSD) and Ultramarine chemistry enable these distinct effects to be achieved while retaining the superior performance with which Holliday Pigments has long been synonymous.

Ultramarine TR

The way that light interacts with pigments and other components in the coating system is critical to the outcome. To achieve optimal results the Ultramarine must be as transparent as possible and feature a highly chromatic mass tone so that it maintains brightness in combination with other pigments.

Hollliday Pigments' Ultramarine Blue TR meets both these criteria. Its carefully controlled fine particle size distribution and similar refractive index to the majority of resin systems, gives excellent transparency. Furthermore, in comparison with other commonly used blue pigments, TR works in synergy with interference pigments, giving a final effect that is unmatched by any other combination(s) of pigments.

Ultramarine HG

Achieving a high strength, high gloss finish is similarly demanding and pigments play a fundamental role in the level of gloss achieved in any coating system. Previously, reaching the level of gloss desired was often a compromise between particle size and depth of colour, with the finer particle sized grades traditionally giving a less intense depth of shade.

Holliday Pigments' Ultramarine HG overcomes this issue through careful selection of fine particle size and tight control of the PSD. The result is a higher gloss value with a depth of colour 15% stronger than existing Ultramarine grades. Furthermore, the higher strength of the pigment and its finer particles leads to a lower pigment volume and improved particle 'packing' in the coating film. Therefore providing coatings producers with cost benefits as less pigment is required to achieve a higher gloss finish.

Proven performance

"Our strength of position prevails from the technical properties and proven performance of our ultramarines," said Glyn Jagger. "Where domestic suppliers tend to compete on price - adopting the strategy of producing lower quality grades at lesser cost - our Ultramarines appeal to a more discerning customer looking for a very pure, high quality product that will guarantee the best performance for a particular application.

Source: Holliday Pigments

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