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HMG Paints' 2K PU Topcoat, Monothane, Fit for Direct Application to Substrate without Primer

Published on 2012-03-30. Author : SpecialChem

HMG Paints has introduced a single stage, 2k polyurethane topcoat, Monothane, which is formulated for applying directly onto a variety of substrates without need for a primer. A single coat, gloss finish, it is suitable for mild steel, aluminium, galvanized steel, castings and difficult-to-paint substrates like uPVC, polystyrene, GRP and sheet-molded composites (SMC) plastic, giving outstanding mechanical properties similar to powder coatings.

Developed in-house at HMG's Manchester R&D laboratory, Monothane's superior pigment quality and high film build enable most paint jobs to be carried out in a single stage, reducing process times and product usage; while force drying times down to 20 minutes further increase paintshop productivity. It is ideal for agricultural and construction plant, office hardware and shelving, trailer frames and chassis, garage doors and metal frames, uPVC fascia panels, doors and windows, PVCu fencing, bicycles and many other applications, either as a direct-to-substrate OEM coating or a high performance touch-up paint for use by distributors and end users.

Monothane features state-of-the-art resin technology, for superb durability and weathering properties, and contains adhesion promoters and anti-corrosive pigments, for excellent bonding to a range of substrates and to prevent rusting on iron and steel. It is supplied as standard in a high gloss finish, with other sheen levels available to order, and promises excellent gloss retention. It is offered in a full range of BS, RAL and OEM colors, whilst there is also a neutral base for use by HMG industrial coatings distributors and others with UNIT color mixing schemes.

Monothane can be applied by airless, air-assisted, conventional gravity and HVLR spray guns, or even brush applied, giving coverage between 18-24sqm/litre at 25 microns film thickness, depending on color and finish. Surface preparation is as simple as a solvent wipe or shotblasting and, since no primer is required, it helps cut application costs and speed throughput. Drying times at 70°-80°C are typically 20-30 minutes, although Monothane can also be air dried at ambient temperature, becoming touch dry in 2 hours and fully hardened overnight.

HMG's new Monothane 2K polyurethane has already been well received by trade customers and in back-to-back performance trials against competitor products, it has been shown to deliver higher gloss levels and film build, be easier and quicker to apply, and offer superior corrosion and chemical resistance.

About HMG Paints

HMG Paints Ltd is the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer. They have been making coatings for over 80 years.

Source: HMG Paints

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