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Hi-Tek's 302T-Poxy Epoxy Coating Offers Moisture Resistance & Cures at Room Temperature

Published on 2012-04-18. Author : SpecialChem

Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy Epoxy Coating/Sealer is a two part, 100% solids, acid and chemical resistant epoxy coating. It is formulated to resist various minerals and organic acids, alkalis, sugar solutions, fatty acids, soaps, detergents, animal and vegetable oils. Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy Epoxy Coating/Sealer is moisture insensitive and designed to cure at room temperature. It is commonly used to coat waste water treatment tanks, breweries, dairies, food processing plants, chemical plants, plating plants, battery storage and charging areas. Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy VO Epoxy Coating/Sealer is a non-sag version of Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy for vertical and overhead applications. Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy VO Epoxy Coating/Sealer is available in red, brown or green. In areas exposed to high abrasion or acid, add silica sand, emery or silicon carbide to produce mortars for repair and resurfacing. Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy Epoxy Coating/Sealer is available in, five gallon pails, 25 and 100 gallon drums. Available colors include red, brown and green.

Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy Epoxy Primer/Sealer can be applied on most any type of properly prepared concrete or masonry surface.

Advantages: Hi-Tek Polymers 302T-Poxy Epoxy Coating/Sealer

  • Provides an easy mix ratio of 3:2
  • Self Leveling (Hi-Tek 302T-poxy)
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Non-Sag (Hi-Tek 302T-Poxy VO)
  • Provides acid & chemical resistance
  • V.O.C. compliant

About Hi-Tek Polymers

Hi-Tek Polymers are flooring experts with a combined life time service in the industry providing specification information, building problem solving skills and working with contractors to achieve a more efficient and prudent system to guarantee customer satisfaction. They continue to strive for quality products with innovative means to communicate current changes and needs in the flooring industry. They offer quality materials to customers with guaranteed service and a hands-on approach to quality of service.

Source: Hi-Tek Polymers

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