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Hi-Tek Polymers Introduces Urethane 2300 Aliphatic Moisture Cure Sealer for Epoxy Coatings

Published on 2012-03-26. Author : SpecialChem

Hi-Tek Polymers 2300 Aliphatic Moisture Cure Sealer is a clear high performance UV stable urethane coating. It is a one component chemical resistant aliphatic urethane. It provides an easy to apply urethane gloss coating which is especially useful as an industrial concrete floor coating and as a gloss top coat for epoxy coatings.

Hi-Tek Polymers 2300 Aliphatic Moisture Cure Sealer may be used as a general purpose industrial urethane coating and as a concrete floor coating/sealer over epoxy coatings. As a concrete coating it provides a good wearing, attractive system for heavy use and general chemical exposure areas. 2300 AMCU may be used in sun lit areas where clarity and light stability are important.

APPLICATION: For best results 2300 AMCU should be applied over a cleaned concrete surface primed with a suitable EPOXY PRIMER. For a showplace shine, a minimum of two coats of 2300 AMCU are suggested, each applied at 300-350 sqft./gal. As a gloss top coat for other coatings one coat is required. Partial containers should be tightly sealed when not in use. For multiple top coats each coat should follow within 12 hours of the last. Future recoating may be done after the surface has been well prepared.

About Hi-Tek Polymers

Hi-Tek Polymers are flooring experts with a combined life time service in the industry providing specification information, building problem solving skills and working with contractors to achieve a more efficient and prudent system to guarantee customer satisfaction. They continue to strive for quality products with innovative means to communicate current changes and needs in the flooring industry. They offer quality materials to their customers with guaranteed service and a hands-on approach to quality of service.

HI-TEK POLYMER, INC guarantees the outcome since a combined effort of excellent choices of systems, experts and sound products with approved local contractors have always been the trade marks for customer satisfaction.

Source: Hi-Tek Polymers

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