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Hexion at ACS 2018: Launches Waterborne Epoxy Dispersion

Published on 2018-04-12. Author : SpecialChem

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Hexion is introducing its latest high performance epoxy dispersion, EPI-REZ™ Resin 7720-W-50, at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis. When combined with EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 6870-W-53, this solid epoxy dispersion offers performance comparable to solvent-borne systems at less than 50 grams/liter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

EPI-REZ™ Resin 7720-W-50

Hexion Epoxy Coatings
Applications include coatings for metal automotive parts and accessories
  • Hexion is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Dr. Sylvan O. Greenlee’s landmark experiment to react epichlorohydrin and BPA to form a thick, syrupy liquid epoxy resin
  • More than forty years ago, this same lab in Louisville, Ky. developed the first solid epoxy resin dispersions under the EPI-REZ™ trade name
  • As the newest member of this family of high performance dispersions, EPI-REZ Resin 7720-W-50 offers superior product stability and wider formulating latitude due to its ultra-low VOC content

Starting point formulations with less than 50 g/L VOC are available and provide superior adhesion, faster dry and long pot life. These primer, high gloss and semi-gloss epoxy starting formulations are suitable for protection of concrete or masonry, as well as a variety of metal substrates.

Waterborne epoxy coatings are growing around the world, particularly in China, Germany and Brazil, and Hexion is partnering with key customers to create a more sustainable future,” said Ann Frederix, Senior Vice President, Epoxy Specialties. “However, conversion from traditional epoxy systems to waterborne epoxies does not mean that performance is sacrificed because this new epoxy dispersion provides improved ease of formulation, superior adhesion to concrete or metal and excellent corrosion resistance.

Suggested applications for this new ultra-low VOC dispersion include:

  • Concrete coatings for floors and walls
  • Protective coatings for metal
  • Agricultural & construction equipment coatings
  • Transportation coatings for truck, bus or railway 
  • Coatings for metal automotive parts and accessories

Source: Hexion
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