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Hexion at ECS 2019: Launches Technology for Isocyanate-free Coatings

Published on 2019-03-19. Author : SpecialChem

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Marine Coatings HexionHexion is highlighting unique technology based on its VeoVa™ vinyl ester, a Versatic™ Acids & Derivatives product, and silane monomers at the 2019 European Coatings Show. Hexion’s technology platform enables the creation of cost-effective, high-performance, and isocyanate-free resins.

Creation of Cost-effective Resins

The use of economic vinyl silane monomers delivers a cost-effective coating solution when compared to acrylic- and epoxy polysiloxanes technology.

The versatility and flexibility of the VeoVa™ Silane technology allows customers to tailor their products for the desired end uses. These systems are free of isocyanates, and provide customers the ability to balance hardness and flexibility, pot life and cure speed, while creating paths to deliver similar performance as two-components (2K) polyurethane coatings.

End-use Applications

Ultimately, VeoVa™ Silane binders can create affordable and high-performance protective solutions for many end markets and applications, such as marine, protective and wood coatings.

“Both Hexion and our partners see this unique technology as a breakthrough in high-performance binders,” said Harold Schweitzer, Vice President and General Manager, Versatic Acids & Derivatives.

“The exclusive combination of high-performance, fast curing development, the absence of isocyanates, and a very friendly cost base explains the enthusiasm of our customers.”

Hexion will be launching this technology at the upcoming European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

Technical Presentations

In addition, the Company will make two presentations during the European Coatings Show, including:

Technical paper of VeoVa™ Silane technology ‘Novel 1- and 2K moisture curing vinyl alkoxysilanes alternative to 2K polyurethane topcoats’ will be presented at the ECS conference on Tuesday 19 March 2019 14.30-15.00 by Denis Heymans.

Bo Ngiabprasert will give a product presentation ‘VeoVa™ Silane Technology, High performance isocyanate-free protective topcoats made affordable’ at Hall 4 on Wednesday 20 March 2019 at 14.50.

Source: Hexion
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