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Henkel at Lopec’15: to Showcase PTC Printable Inks & Flexible Silver Inks in Germany

Published on 2015-02-27. Author : SpecialChem

At the upcoming Lopec event, set to take place in Munich, Germany, Henkel will showcase a range of new printed ink formulations that address emerging requirements for improved form and function of printed electronics applications.

Delivering a streamlined alternative to conventional copper wire and printed carbon materials, Henkel has developed a portfolio of novel positive temperature coefficient (PTC) printable inks that provide exceptional functionality and design flexibility for a variety of heating applications. Available in three formulations, the Loctite ECI 8000 series PTC inks offer more uniform and flexible heating, while providing improved safety through temperature self-regulation.

Leveraging unique resistance technology that increases with the elevation in temperature, Loctite ECI 8000 materials are self-regulating so that the temperature will not rise above its set point. This is contrary to conventional heating methods, where a linear relationship between heating and voltage requires the use of a control unit for temperature regulation and a fuse to prevent overheating. Other benefits of the Henkel PTC inks are rapid and uniform heating, reduced weight, sustainability due to long lifecycles, and environmental stability.

“Aside from the outstanding performance of the materials,” explains Hans VanOosten, Technical Service Project Leader for Henkel, “the design flexibility enabled by Henkel’s new PTC inks is unmatched. The inks have very thin form factors, can be printed in almost any pattern and can be incorporated into very small, confined spaces. The applications – which range from mirror heating to floor heating to condensation control in consumer goods – are limitless.”

Highly-Conductive, Flexible Silver Inks

In addition to the PTC inks, Henkel has also recently formulated a new highly-conductive, flexible silver ink that provides nearly twice the conductivity of previous-generation products. The novel material, Loctite ECI 1010, extends new levels of performance for products such as heaters, antennae, keyboards or any application where optimum conductivity is required.

Whereas traditional flexible silver inks have a resistance level of 0.010 Ohm/sq/25µm, Loctite ECI 1010 delivers much lower resistance of 0.005 Ohm/sq/25µm, providing twice the conductivity. From a design perspective, this enables the printing of finer lines that still have the necessary current capacity. For manufacturers that require even greater conductive capability in a slightly less flexible material, Henkel has developed Loctite ECI 1011, which provides a resistance level of 0.003 Ohm/sq/25µm. Henkel technology specialists will be on-hand throughout the Lopec event to discuss these latest innovations.

About Henkel

Henkel is one of the market leaders in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments to the transportation industry. Backed by extensive design capabilities, a broad product range, specific application knowledge and technical expertise, the company delivers solutions to all segments of automotive development - automotive body, interior, chassis, electronics and powertrain production. Through powerful brands like Loctite®, Teroson®, Aquence®, Bonderite®, Frekote® and Multan®, Henkel provides significant economic and environmental advantages for today's vehicles, making them safer, more comfortable and extending vehicle value.

Source: Henkel

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