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Henkel Alodine®871™Touch-n-Prep Coating Meets Demands of Aerospace and Defense Industries

Published on 2009-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

Henkel announces the development and approval of Alodine® 871™ Touch-n-Prep trivalent chromate-based touch-up coating to U.S. military specification MIL-DTL-81706B. The coating is used to repair bare areas of metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. The ready-to-use pen applicator provides an easy and safe application method by delivering the coating directly onto the surface. The unique Alodine® 871™ no-rinse conversion coating can be applied to most bare metal surfaces including aluminum, ferrous and galvanized substrates.

Henkel is committed to developing innovative and sustainable products that contribute to process efficiencies for our customers, said Patrice Buisson, global marketing director, Henkel aerospace. Alodine® 871™ is a great example of such a technology due to its no-rinse formula and easy-to-use pen applicator that controls the amount of product dispensed.

Alodine® 871™ inhibits corrosion by forming a barrier layer on the substrate preventing moisture from reaching the substrate and initiating the corrosion process. The coating also has low electrical resistance due to its metallic nature, and does not significantly restrain the flow of electrical current through the coating. In addition, it provides improved paint adhesion by depositing a clear to light blue iridescent film on application.

Touch-N-Prep® coating represents a dramatic environmental improvement over current methods of chemical film touch-up. The film itself only needs to be thoroughly dry in order to be effective for primer and top coat applications. Alodine® 871™ however does not require rinsing, and can be airdried or force-dried with hot air or an infrared lamp. This optimized application method greatly reduces the amount of chemical used and generates no secondary waste associated with other repair methods. The dry-in-place nature of the coating eliminates the need to contain and properly dispose of rinse water needed with traditional conversion coatings.

Alodine® 871™ is suitable to repair or touch-up non-chrome, trivalent chrome and traditional conversion coating areas. Additionally, it can be used to coat small parts where a conversion coating tank line is not practical. The coating is formulated for bare corrosion protection and for bonding applications when combined with organic coatings or structural adhesives.

In addition to the military specification approval, Alodine® 871™ Touch-N-Prep coating is also being evaluated by many of the leading aerospace and defense manufactures.

Henkel's aerospace group provides designed solutions for structural assembly and metal pretreatments. Structural adhesives are used for composite, metal and honeycomb assembly in all sectors of aerospace. Metal surface treatments include cleaners, metal pre-treatment chemicals, jet engine overhaul cleaners and paint removers for the maintenance and preparation of aircraft. Key brands include Hysol® for structural adhesives, Turco® for metal surface treatments and key product brands of Frekote® mold release chemicals and Alodine® conversion coatings.

For more than 130 years, Henkel has been a leader with brands and technologies that make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful. Henkel operates in three business areas - Home Care, Personal Care, and Adhesive Technologies - and is ranked among the Fortune Global 500 companies. More than 60 percent of Henkel's sales are in fast-moving consumer goods, while the industrial business accounts for almost 40 percent of the company's total sales. In fiscal 2008, Henkel generated sales of $20.8 billion and adjusted operating profit of $2.1 billion. Our more than 55,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to fulfilling our corporate claim, "A Brand like a Friend," and ensuring that people in more than 125 countries can trust in brands and technologies from

Source: Henkel

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