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Hempel's new fibre-reinforced zinc silicate spells end of mud-cracking

Published on 2007-12-18. Author : SpecialChem

Until now, mud-cracking has been an accepted nuisance with most zinc silicate coatings, especially where layers overlap or there are high dry film thicknesses in corners and on edges. Previously, the answer has been to remove excess paint manually, but this is time consuming and labour intensive.

Now, this is about to change with Hempel's newly developed HEMPEL'S GALVOSIL FIBRE 15750- the first mud-crack safe zinc silicate solution.

Innovative fibre technology - more flexible and robust than ever before

Fibres have a reinforcing and strengthening effect in a variety of applications. In coatings, fibres improve flexibility, durability and resistance to abrasions, cracks and impact. Hempel's new HEMPEL'S GALVOSIL FIBRE 15750 is pioneering the use of fibres in coatings for antifoulings and ballast tank coatings. Using the optimal amount of fibres, it is ideal for jobs where you need high dry film thickness, and want to avoid mud-cracking.

Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection

Hempel's patent pending HEMPEL'S GALVOSIL FIBRE 15750 provides mechanical benefits not offered by other products - and still has all the other positive characteristics you want from a high performance zinc silicate. HEMPEL'S GALVOSIL FIBRE 15750 gives you excellent adhesion, and its 80 per cent zinc content ensures corrosion protection in dry film.

With a curing time of just 10 hours, HEMPEL'S GALVOSIL FIBRE 15750 is extremely easy to apply. It allows a higher dry film thickness without cracking - cutting down on application and finishing time.

Source: HEMPEL

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