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Hempel releases solvent-free and application friendly coating for potable water

Published on 2007-10-05. Author : SpecialChem

Water has to be safe to drink, and it should come without surprising taste or smell. Hempel's new HEMPADUR 3556 coating is ideal for potable drinking water and pipelines. It avoids any chemical taste or odour since it is a 100 per cent free of solvents and benzyl alcohol. A practical advantage is that it is application friendly by using less equipment, time and costs.

Other solvent-free epoxy coatings are not that easy to apply. Many products require special paint application equipment, or heating of the paint. HEMPADUR 3556 is formulated for easy application with standard airless spray equipment and has no need for heating or thinning even when applying at temperatures down to 10°C.

Since it is formulated without solvents, HEMPADUR 3556 does not affect the quality of the water, or add smell and taste. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and cathodic protection to prevent rust contamination, and HEMPADUR 3556 requires minimal maintenance for up to 25 years.

HEMPADUR 3556 is a two-component polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating, without benzyl alcohol or nonylphenol. It is already approved by Great Britain's Water Research Centre (WRAS) according to BS 6920 for potable water up to 23°C/73°F, and by Norway's Folkehelseinstituttet (Norwegian Health Authorities) for use in offshore potable water tanks. HEMPADUR 3556 is currently undergoing US testing to meet NSF standard 61.

Source: Hempel

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