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Hempasil Nexus X-Seal: the new one-coat solution for upgrading from traditional antifouling to fuel-saving fouling release

Published on 2010-06-23. Author : SpecialChem

Thanks to Hempasil Nexus X-Seal, a new tie-coat from Hempel, shipowners can now upgrade vessels coated with traditional antifouling to Hempasil X3 using only one tie-coat, and without fully blasting the ship's hull. Launched worldwide in June 2010, the new tie-coat gives shipping companies access to the fuel-saving and environmental benefits of Hempasil X3, even on vessels with conventional antifouling coatings.

Just one coat seals your existing antifouling

Nexus X-Seal is Hempel's first tie-coat designed specifically to tie silicone topcoats to traditional antifouling coatings. The epoxy-polysiloxane coating makes it possible to apply fouling release on top of an existing antifouling coating without fully blasting the hull, and it requires only one coat to link the old antifouling system to the Hempasil X3 topcoat - compared to two coats in today's industry-standard upgrade solution. Hempel estimates that the one-coat Nexus X-Seal solution can save shipping companies up to five per cent in drydocking expenses when applying a fouling release coating on top of an existing antifouling coating.

According to Marie Bakholdt Andersen, Group Product Manager at Hempel, this can have a significant impact on a shipping company's bottom line. "By reducing the amount of coatings required to link the old antifouling to Hempasil X3, we've created a very attractive product for shipping companies. It means they can switch to Hempasil X3 - and reap its recognised fuel-saving benefits - with a much cheaper procedure than previously possible."

Helping companies save up to USD 400,000

Also, Hempel estimates that Nexus X-Seal can save shipping companies up to USD 400,000 in surface preparation, application expenses, dock rent and vessel inactivity compared to a solution which requires fully blasting the hull and applying the X3 system from scratch. (This estimate is based on a vessel with a 15,000m2 hull and a daily hire rate of USD 85,000.)

Says Marie: "Nexus X-Seal will revolutionise current industry standards. We've removed the cost and time barriers that previously stopped many shipping companies from converting to fouling release coatings - and I'm sure that even more companies will now opt for reduced fuel bills and lower CO2 emissions with Hempasil X3."

The full Hempasil range

With Nexus X-Seal as part of its product range, Hempel now offers a complete range of products for applying Hempasil X3 under different scenarios. As well as Nexus X-Seal, Hempel offers two other tie-coat solutions that enable shipowners to upgrade their vessels to the award-winning Hempasil X3.

* Nexus is recommended if the ship's hull needs to be fully blasted and a new epoxy system built before applying Hempasil X3.

* Nexus X-Tend is designed for repairing and touching up damaged areas when recoating an existing fouling release coating. It speeds up the docking process, and results in a very strong final system - giving shipowners a simpler and more efficient way to extend the lifetime of their fouling release coatings by five more years.

Source: Hempel

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