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GMG Selects X-Rite’s Pulse and DTP70 for Fast, Precise Color Proofing

Published on 2005-06-28. Author : SpecialChem

Grandville, MI -- X-Rite (NASDAQ: XRIT) announced that its new Pulse (DTP20) and DTP70™ color measurement solutions have been selected by GMG for fast, highly accurate inkjet color proofing. Combined, printing professionals worldwide will be able to produce reliable inkjet proofs in less than one quarter the time of competing solutions and reduce ink and paper waste by up to 80 percent. Customers can now order the X-Rite and GMG customized proofing bundles through GMG's authorized dealers worldwide.

"We are always striving to improve the performance of our color proofing solutions," said Jawdatt Mawassii, Vice President Sales and Business Development at GMG. "Quality control of proofs is highly crucial to our customers. X-Rite`s Pulse (DTP20) and DTP70 are the fastest and easiest-to-use measurement solutions we have tested on the market. Combined with our proofing technology, our customers worldwide will have the freedom to spend more of their time and effort on their core work and business and less time and money worrying about getting color right."

Earlier this week, GMG's ColorProof software placed first over 27 competitive entries at IPA's 3rd annual Color Proofing RoundUP, comparing colorimetric match to a GRACoL-derived standard.

"We are very pleased with our IPA Color Proofing RoundUP test results and thank the association for another excellent event. The RoundUP continues to be an extremely helpful forum for member companies to make objective decisions about which proofing solution will best fit their premedia environments. It confirms for our customers that they can comfortably rely on GMG ColorProof for consistent contract-quality digital halftone and continuous tone proofs," remarks Jim Summers, GMG Americas President.

"GMG has an excellent reputation for supplying some of the finest color proofing solutions available today," said James Weaver, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at X-Rite. "We are very pleased they have selected the Pulse (DTP20) and DTP70 as their color measurement solution. As we get closer to Print 2005, we are thrilled with the acceptance we have received for these products from industry leaders like GMG. We remain committed to our OEM customers while pushing the limits of color innovation where it adds value for their customers."

X-Rite's Pulse (DTP20) and DTP70 will be interfacing with the following GMG proofing solutions:

  • GMG ColorProof: a color management software system, that provides the most accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet proofing engines to produce digital contract color proofs, precisely matched to the printing press.
  • GMG DotProof: An addition to ColorProof that allows users to create halftone proofs. It provides early detection of press artifacts, identifying potential problems prior to actual plate set up.
  • GMG FlexoProof: Is designed specifically for flexographic and package printing workflows. It functions as a superior proofing system that produces both continuous and halftone proofs.

About X-Rite's Award-Winning Pulse (DTP20)

With the Pulse™ (DTP20), the user is in control. Pulse adapts to the user versus the user adapting to it. It allows the flexibility to take measurements where the user wants at the speed they desire. Once the target has been measured you can return to your workstation for fast data upload.

About X-Rite's DTP70

Designed for on-demand and prepress professionals, DTP70 dramatically reduces the time and difficulty in the process of measuring ICC color management test forms. In the single press of a button, the DTP70 high speed, X-Y automated scanner, measures standard IT8 targets in less than three minutes -seven times faster than any solution on the market today. DTP70 helps streamline the workflow, delivering unmatched superior color output in less time.

About GMG

The company, founded in 1984 and located in Tuebingen, near Stuttgart, Germany, is a software company, with a distribution network throughout Europe and local presences in the US and Asia. The company has specialised in high-end color management for the entire graphic art industry.

Today, more than 6,000 systems have been sold across the industry spectrum from ad agencies, prepress houses and offset printers to international gravure printing plants.

The GMG ColorProof system has become the de-facto standard of Europe's large gravure printing industry.

About X-Rite

X-Rite is a leading provider of color measurement solutions comprised of hardware, software and services for the verification and communication of color data. The Company serves a broad range of industries, including graphic arts, digital imaging, industrial and retail color matching, and medical. X-Rite is global, with 18 offices throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, serving customers in over 88 countries.

Source: X-Rite

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