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Glasurit® Presents New 923-45 HS Clear Scratch-resistant VOC 3.5

Published on 2005-07-07. Author : SpecialChem

Glasurit® is adding a new VOC-compliant clearcoat (VOC: volatile organic compounds) with extremely high scratch resistance to its product portfolio. The high scratch resistance of the new 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5 ensures that the finish is more resistant to external influences. This in turn helps to maintain the value of an automobile. Glasurit's new clearcoat also provides a high-quality refinish solution to carmakers who use scratch-resistant coatings in the OEM finish.

Automotive finish is exposed to constant stresses everyday, such as carwash brushes, stone chipping, and road salt. Many drivers wish there were a finish that would better withstand external influences. Auto manufacturers have already responded to the growing customer demands and are using especially scratch-resistant automotive coatings in the OEM finish. The improved scratch resistance must of course be guaranteed for refinishing as well.

Glasurit has developed the new 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5 for this purpose. In addition to the excellent application qualities, the new clearcoat features particularly high scratch resistance. It passed the test phase with flying colors and has done a great job in the test markets in the Netherlands and Germany.

Car owners benefit above all from the outstanding reflow properties of the 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5. The reflow properties constitute a phenomenon in which the lightest scratches repair themselves through the effect of heat, such as from direct sunlight. The high surface elasticity of the new clearcoat is ideal for withstanding adverse environmental conditions: for instance, when gravel hits the car, the impact is not nearly as destructive as with conventional clearcoat. Thus, 923-45 is a clearcoat that helps to prevent scratches and has self-smoothing properties.

Moreover, the 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5 stands out for its especially short application times, its well-known excellent drying properties and outstanding polishing behavior. The 923-45 can be used in the Glasurit 55 Line and 90 Line, and of course it meets current VOC regulations.

The excellent gloss stability of the 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5 guarantees that the value of a car will be maintained in the long term, making it obvious that many well-known carmakers have given their approval to the new clearcoat.

Source: Glasurit®

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