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Glasurit Expands Its VOC System

Published on 2004-11-29. Author : SpecialChem

As a technology leader, Glasurit is once again in the forefront of the development of eco-efficient products. Glasurit 923-135 HS Racing Clear VOC 3.5 meets all European VOC directives and is therefore the only fast-drying clearcoat available for small repairs that is VOC compliant.

It is thus the ideal VOC-compliant solution for working quickly and profitably. Use it to achieve a brilliant finish with shining results-in the fastest possible time. The product's high solids content, its extremely quick drying time of only 20 minutes at 60 °C, and its hard surface with excellent polishing characteristics make it the perfect clearcoat for painting individual panels and for small repairs. Just as all the other Glasurit clearcoats, 923-135 does not require any flash-off before drying, and it can be polished immediately after cooling. 923-135 has proven itself to be highly efficient in many real-world tests. Especially for work that needs to be fast and reliable and involves the Glasurit RATIO-Spot-Repair process Glasurit 923-135 HS Racing Clear VOC 3.5 has proven to be extremely successful. The advantage of the product's high solids content is also apparent in application. The recommended film thickness is achieved in only two spray passes using conventional sprayguns -and always with the proven Glasurit quality.

Glasurit 923-135 HS Racing Clear VOC 3.5 is the perfect complement to the tried and tested Glasurit 923-35 HS Clear VOC 3.5, the first VOC-compliant Glasurit clearcoat. This versatile clearcoat with a high solids content is guaranteed to be a solid performer in the future. When used in combination with Glasurit 929-3x VOC Hardeners, it also complies with current and future VOC legislation. It is suitable for all types of repairs and also for overall resprays. Two spray passes are all that is needed to achieve a real high-end finish-and when it comes to gloss and brilliance, no product can come close to Glasurit 923-35 HS Clear VOC 3.5. As all VOC-compliant Glasurit clearcoats, both products are for use on Glasurit 90 Line basecoats.

A completely new product will round out the Glasurit range of VOC-compliant clearcoat products: 923-45 HS Clear scratch-resistant VOC 3.5. The product is already producing outstanding results in the laboratory, but the performance of this new product will be refined further. You can look forward to the launch of this VOC-compliant scratch-resistant clearcoat next year. The new clearcoats make the Glasurit VOC System even more complete, and what you have at your disposal is a comprehensive range of VOC-compliant products, all carefully adapted to each other, so you can breathe easy when looking ahead to the new VOC regulations.

Source: Glasurit

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