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Glasurit 923-155 MS Clearcoat Protects Some 300 Animal Sculptures Featured on the Streets of Dubai

Published on 2008-12-19. Author : SpecialChem

MÜNSTER / Dubai -- The AAA Service Center bodyshop is actually in the business of refinishing cars. These days, however, AAA, a loyal customer of Glasurit, BASF Coatings' paint brand, has demonstrated the coating's high level of versatility. The shop has expanded its services to provide sculptures the same glossy sheen that it usually applies to vehicles.

For the past three years, the bodyshop team has coated camels, horses and falcons. Not real ones, mind you, but the colorful animal sculptures that adorn the streets of Dubai. To ensure that the artistic paintwork of the sculptures retains its beauty despite exposure to the blazing sun, the bodyshop treats the life-size animals and birds with a protective layer of Glasurit 923-155 MS Clear. The bodyshop employees have already provided more than 300 sculptures with a protective finish. Bodyshop Manager Gordon Ferguson is very enthusiastic about the chance to work on something out of the ordinary." You can see the colorful sculptures everywhere in Dubai, which provides an excellent reference for the quality of our refinishing work."

Source: BASF

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