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Glasurit 55 Line and 90 Line Color Swatches

Published on 2005-01-28. Author : SpecialChem

Glasurit's 55 Line and 90 Line color adjustment charts are tried and tested tools that are well appreciated in bodyshops. Now these color adjustment tools also come in the shape of handy color swatches that bring spray painters additional benefits for their daily work.

The color swatches are produced using original Glasurit 55 Line and 90 Line refinish paints to achieve best possible color accuracy. The representations of the unmixed base colors and of the let-downs are visibly larger than those in the color adjustment charts. This is to make color matching easier and to provide the reliability you need in paint mixing and color comparison.

The composition of the color swatches is based on the proven systematic approach you know from the color adjustment charts. Each of the strips making up the color swatches represents either two different let-downs of one base color or the unmixed base color plus one let-down. Additionally, there is a pictogram on each strip that gives the following five details on the base color concerned:

1. Color group
2. Color bias
3. Color at face view
4. Color at side view
5. Purity/chroma

One special advantage of the color swatches is that they are easy to use in the bodyshop because their handy format allows spray painters to have them always within reach. Along with the complete range of Glasurit 55 Line and 90 Line solid and metallic colors, the swatches also include representations of the 20 Multi Effect colors Glasurit offers.

Source: Glasurit

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