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Gelest Unveils Enhanced Amine Functional Silane for Improved Corrosion Resistance

Published on 2017-06-02. Author : SpecialChem

Gelest has unveiled its new SIVATE™ E610 Enhanced amine functional silane which offers improved performance with non-siliceous surfaces, improved corrosion resistance of metal substrates, superior film-forming properties in primer applications, higher bond strength in aggressive aqueous conditions, and imparts composites and primers with long-term durability in a wide range of environments.

Application of SIVATE™ E610 Enhanced Amine Silane


  • It is used as an adhesive primer for metallic and siliceous substrates 
  • Coupling agent for thermoset and thermoplastic composites 
  • Corrosion inhibiting primer for paints and coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
  • Functionalization of Micro-Particles for use in adhesives and sealants

SIVATE™E610 Enhanced silane is a proprietary combination of a dipodal silanes with an amine functional silane. The Enhancement of silanes is effected by incorporation of functional and non-functional dipodal silanes. The dipodal silane combines with the functional silane to form a tight conformal network of siloxane bonds, reduces water adsorption at the interface and, most importantly, forms multiple oxane bonds with the substrate.

Features of SIVATE™E610 Enhanced Amine Silane

  • Compared to conventional silanes which potentially bond form 3 oxane bonds SIVATE™E610 Enhanced amine silane can form up to 6 oxane bonds with the substrate
  • Theoretical studies suggest that the dipodal silanes could have upto 106x greater stability in aqueous environments 
  • The enhanced bond potential offers improve mechanical properties, the ability to form coatings on a greater range of substrate, and increase durability of coatings, primers and composites to long-term environmental exposure

The introduction of SIVATE™E610 Enhanced amine silane is an example of Gelest’s customer-centric research and development.

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Source: Gelest
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