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GE Makes It Soft and Matte: Tospearl Resin Microspheres for Coating Leather, Vinyl and Other Materials

Published on 2006-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

WILTON, Conn. -- GE - Advanced Materials, Silicones announced the introduction of Tospearl (see Note) resin microspheres for coatings. Tospearl microspheres can help enhance the performance of a wide range of coatings used for automotive, architectural and other applications.

The result of proprietary composition, Tospearl resin microspheres for coatings are offered in the form of a thermally stable, fine white powder. When used in a coating formulation, Tospearl microspheres can help provide a softer feel, matte finish, significantly lower friction and greater durability to natural materials such as leather and wood, as well as synthetics like vinyl. Uses can be envisioned in applications as varied as automotive interiors, furniture and anti-blocking architectural paints.

"Tospearl resin microspheres for coatings are based on GE technology proven in other industries: a technology that helps companies deliver products with enhanced look, feel and performance," said Martin Wusik, global marketing manager, GE Advanced Materials. "We've focused on the unique properties of these products and developed new techniques for incorporating Tospearl resins into water-based coatings that can enhance product performance in a wide range of additional industries and applications."

A free-flowing, carrier free white powder with a narrow particle size distribution, Tospearl resin microspheres for coatings give users maximum flexibility for integrating the material into their coating processes. Tospearl microspheres are a product line that ranges in particle size from 1 to 12 microns.

On "Leneta" testing surfaces and aluminum substrates, Tospearl resin microspheres for coatings significantly reduce the coefficient of friction while producing a soft, smooth, silky feel. Tospearl resin microspheres for coatings do not dissolve when exposed to commonly used solvents.

About GE - Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials business of General Electric Company is part of the Industrial business group and is headquartered in Wilton, Conn. Comprised of Silicones and Quartz, GE - Advanced Materials is a global leader in providing a range of high-technology materials solutions. The GE - Advanced Materials, Silicones' portfolio includes silicone-based products and technology platforms, silanes, sealants and adhesives. The Quartz portfolio includes high-purity fused quartz and ceramics materials. These materials solutions are used as springboards for innovation in hundreds of consumer and industrial applications ranging from car engines and integrated circuits to biomedical devices and cosmetics. Industries served include aerospace, agriculture, appliances, automotive, construction, electronics, furniture and furnishings, healthcare, home care, industrial, lighting, packaging, personal care, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, tire, transportation, and water purification. As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to a successful Games.

Source: GE - Advanced Materials

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