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FortiCel™, the Only Preventive Coating Product Awarded the Mold Help Seal of Approval

Published on 2006-06-21. Author : SpecialChem

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Protective Coatings Group, LLC is pleased to announce that their premier product, FortiCel™, has been fully approved as a Mold Help Resource as well as awarded the Mold Help Seal of Approval. Mold Help is proud to award FortiCel™ this honor, as it is the only protective coating that Mold Help has approved. From Mold Help's perspective, FortiCel™ passed the testing with the highest possible marks and has therefore achieved Mold Help's highest level of recommendation.

FortiCel™ is a proprietary combination of technologies that prohibit mold growth on all construction products and surfaces. When applied to the surface of lumber, concrete, and steel, FortiCel™ will provide durable skeletal protection. It delivers guaranteed protection against mold growth on its coating surface for 25 years.

In order to become a Mold Help approved fungicide or coating (prevents mold growth on surfaces) companies are required to submit their products to the most rigorous testing Mold Help is aware of. The testing protocols and actual testing is conducted by Dr. George Carroll, Chief Scientist at MouldWorks, and Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of Oregon, with 40 years of world recognized experience in Mycology.

Lenny Abbott, CEO of Protective Coatings Group, LLC, said, "This is a milestone for our FortiCel™ product, that provides further validation of the unique performance characteristics of FortiCel™ and the benefits realized by those who choose to implement its protective capabilities".

While submitting to testing, PCG was so confident of its products that when discussing the Mold Help approved testing, they did not want Dr. Carroll to know which products were already in the market and which were in development -- to eliminate any possible unconscious bias in the testing. They also gave Dr. Carroll free reign to make his protocol as rigorous as possible.

The Mold Help evaluation letter sent to PCG further stated, "Upon careful evaluation, the Mold Help Team has concurred upon your evaluation and wholeheartedly agrees that your product, FortiCel™, is a true benefit to consumers in the prevention and inspection of mold problems." And continued by adding, "This rating was awarded to you due to your hard work and efforts in the prevention, moisture management, expert testimony, and the consulting profession."

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, Protective Coating Group, LLC develops and distributes best of breed coating solutions that provide protection against one of the most challenging concerns facing builders and consumers today. PCG products are engineered for immediate elimination as well as long- term prevention of mold, mildew, and algae on a wide variety surfaces and are environmentally friendly, scientifically supported, verified by multiple laboratories and easy to use.

Source: Protective Coating Group, LLC

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