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Flame Seal Presents Certified Polyurethane Foam Brands Compliant with Thermal / Ignition Barrier Codes

Published on 2010-11-24. Author : SpecialChem

Flame Seal Products Inc. is continuing with its expansive market awareness campaign, in order to showcase its accomplishments and clarify Flame Seal-TB's credentials as the only truly qualified thin film coating that satisfies every aspect of the code and certification requirements for Polyurethane Foam Insulation Thermal Barriers.

Flame Seal-TB was not only the first thin film coating to receive ICC Certification under the Thermal Barrier requirements in the fire codes, but it also remains the only product that legitimately qualifies for use on Polyurethane foam to satisfy this important life and safety code.

Flame Seal-TB has also been certified for Ignition Barrier code requirements at the request of customers. Although that test is far less challenging, Flame Seal joins a number of other good products in that aspect of this important work. However, it is the Thermal Barrier requirement that is the prime market that Flame Seal is targeting because at present there are no legitimate competitors in that very difficult aspect of the code.

Flame Seal-TB has passed all testing and met all requirements according to ICC protocol, and is presently *certified for use on the following foam brands: BAYER , BASF , CERTAINTEED , ICYNENE , BIOBASED , DOW.

*All Intertek and Warnock-Hersey certified, ICC certifications in various stages with all brands. As of this writing, three are complete, as the others are imminent.

"The Company's new Market Awareness program is now being elevated in intensity because of the vast potential in this market, as well as the life saving aspect of this work and the responsibility that we feel goes with providing a life / safety product to the public. Since there is a potential for severe consequences if an unqualified product is used on any project, we are embarking on a campaign to make sure the public, our customers, know how to identify a safe product, verses a questionable one. Even though a competitor's propaganda has temporarily confused our customers into thinking we are not the only qualified product, or that ours is too difficult to use, etc., we are educating those at the heart of the matter, Sales Personnel and Contractors throughout the country, to counteract these untruths. Our goal remains, as it always has... to save lives and property from fire, and we will be vigilant in that good work." said President.

About Flame Seal

Flame Seal is a Fire Retardant Technology Company that offers a wide variety of products and technology solutions for a number of diverse applications and industries. Company's products are currently being used on many substrates including Foam, Plastic, Fabric, wood, Paper, Metals, etc. We also offer customized fire retardant solutions for construction, as well as providing fire protection platforms for many industrial uses.

Source: Flame Seal

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