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Flame Seal Makes Major Breakthrough in Aerospace for Boeing, with Its FX-100 Fire Protection Coating in Response to Airlines Request for Simpler Application Methods During Regular Maintenance Schedules

Published on 2006-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

HOUSTON -- The much-publicized insulation coating system, developed by Boeing for commercial aircraft, and which is based on Flame Seal's FX-100 product, has been modified after discussions with Boeing and several airlines. The original coating system, demonstrated for the airline companies in June 2005, required heating the interior of the aircraft for two hours to effect a complete cure. Now, with recent improvements by Flame Seal Products, the system can cure at room temperatures, alleviating the primary concern of freight and passenger airline companies, regarding the practical use of this system to solve aging/fire resistance problems for insulation materials.

Follow-up testing is currently under way at the Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Renton, Washington. Boeing and Flame Seal continue to work together to provide the most efficient and effective solution to these aging related fire resistance problems, with special focus on the AN26 insulation blankets. "Even though a proven system has already been developed, an even more practical and user-friendly version is very close at hand," states Flame Seal's president Michael Kiser.

These, and other favorable results have expanded Boeing's interest in using Flame Seal's products to improve the flammability properties in many different parts of their airplanes. Currently Boeing is looking at using FX-100 in several different applications where improvements in flammability properties are desired. These include use in a fuselage sealant, as a flame retardant for insulation blankets, and as insulation for wire bundles and cargo liners.

In related news, other applications of Flame Seal's coatings on aircraft have led to two other joint development/secrecy agreements, which are currently being negotiated, based on Flame Seal's high-performance intumescent technologies, FX-100 and FX-1000 (which is a class of powder additives). More on this as permission is received to disclose to the public.

At this stage of development in this work, Flame Seal considers itself to be not only a Qualified Boeing Supplier, but also a strategic ally in Boeing's effort to improve safety.

From the President: "All work with Boeing Commercial Airplane Company is progressing steadily toward commercial applications, and will advance the state of the art of fire resistance for aircraft materials, providing new technologies for the ongoing enhancement of overall aircraft safety. This relationship with Boeing Commercial Airplane Company is an extremely beneficial one that drives the Company toward the development of more advanced products, leading to a strong business in Aerospace for the long term, as well as provide opportunities, expertise and credibility that attract customers and projects to the Company, which will bring in strong revenues in the short term."

Updates on projects with several companies are under review at this time by those respective companies for approval to release. Each will be released as the approvals are received by Flame Seal.

About Flame Seal

FLAME SEAL PRODUCTS, INC. (FLMP) became a public company and began trading March 27, 2000 on the OTC (Non-BB "Pink Sheets") stock market. Flame Seal Products, Inc. is the Transfer Agent of record. The "key" business strategy of Flame Seal is to create alliances with larger corporations, which quickly enhances the strength of the Company in each market by employing the networks for marketing, sales, applications, etc., that already exist within the structure of such Corporations. (See previous news releases.)

Source: Flame Seal Products, Inc.

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