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Exterior Coatings Can Be Long Lasting, Cost Efficient and Environmentally Advanced

Published on 2008-07-02. Author : SpecialChem

Shangai, China -- If you walk around cities in China after it has rained, you may notice obvious stains on the exterior walls of many buildings. The reason, in most cases, is that traditional exterior emulsion coatings are not smooth, nor continuous, which allow pollutants to gather on the surface and penetrate into the coatings - leaving unsightly stains. The serviceable life of these coatings are significantly reduced. Rohm and Haas, the world's leading supplier of binders and additives for paint and coatings, has introduced a solution to this problem.

In China, paint manufacturers normally use high glass transition temperature (Tg) polymers to enhance the relative hardness of the coating to resist dirt pick-up. These coatings require high levels of expensive, solvent based, film-forming additives. When manufacturers try to save cost by reducing these additives, the films micro-crack and are easily stained.

Rohm and Haas has introduced DirtShield™ 08 - a new-generation solution to high performance exterior durability, based on 100% acrylic technology. Incorporating proprietary surface cross-linking technology, DirtShield™ 08 is a lower Tg polymer, requiring minimal film-forming additives that result in coatings with excellent dirt pick-up resistance at a lower overall cost to the manufacturer. Other advantages of the new technology include low temperature cracking resistance, great water whitening resistance and low VOC for environmentally friendly, "green" formulations.

DirtShield™ 08 enables paint manufacturers to deliver green coatings with high performance at lower cost. This advanced water-based emulsion, enabling excellent dirt pick up resistant coatings, assists us in having a cleaner, and greener, working and living environment.

About Rohm and Haas Company:

Leading the way since 1909, Rohm and Haas is a global pioneer in the creation and development of innovative technologies and solutions for the specialty materials industry. The company's technologies are found in a wide range of industries including: Building and Construction, Electronics and Electronic Devices, Household Goods and Personal Care, Packaging and Paper, Transportation, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Water, Food and Food Related, and Industrial Process. Innovative Rohm and Haas technologies and solutions help to improve life every day, around the world. Based in Philadelphia, PA, the company generated annual sales of approximately $8.9 billion in 2007.

Source: Rohm and Haas

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