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Excalibur's Eco-friendly Aqua-Thane Waterborne PUR Coating Promises Protection Against Corrosion

Published on 2011-09-29. Author : SpecialChem

Excalibur has hit another milestone with its novel Aqua - Thane, patent pending, technology. Aqua-Thane is the first commercially usable/viable pigmented waterborne polyurethane from a US company that provides outstanding performance for onshore and offshore environments and meets and/or exceeds the performance specifications of traditional solventborne counterparts. With this new development, Aqua - Thane can be used for direct-to-metal applications and applied with wet film builds of 10 - 12 mils (5 - 6 DFT) without the foaming or gassing normally associated with 2K waterborne polyurethanes.

The AU Series two component, waterborne polyurethane coating technology thus fills an unmet market need for a high performance, environmentally friendly coating alternative for protection of critical infrastructure and equipment. The new system can provide effective protection in extremely corrosive environments experienced in a number of industries including the process, aviation, automotive, OEM, oil field services, marine, transportation, rail, military and wind generation sectors. Not only are maintenance and protection of key assets assured, but environmental compliance is easier and work conditions for coating applicators are improved.

Aqua-Thane provides excellent gloss retention, corrosion resistance, solvent and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and exceptional hardness and flexibility while offering superior adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including steel, aluminum, plastics, galvanized metal (both electroplated and hot dipped), PVC, polypropylene and fiberglass composites. Excalibur also offers a complete, environmentally friendly waterborne offshore system that includes an organic zinc primer, epoxy primer intermediate and the AU - series topcoat that will meet stringent offshore requirements.

Aqua-Thane™ has already been approved by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), leading oilfield services provider Weatherford International and private aircraft manufacturer Cessna.

About Excalibur Paint and Coatings

Excalibur Paint and Coatings is a manufacturer of high performance waterborne technology for use in the Oil Field Services, Marine, Aviation, OEM, Automotive and Military sectors. Founded in April 2000 specifically to develop environmentally friendly high performance coating alternatives, the company offers low and zero VOC systems that meet or exceed the performance properties of traditional solvent-borne products. Aqua-Thane DTM is just the latest example of the novel waterborne solutions being developed by Excalibur for extremely demanding applications.

Source: Excalibur Paint and Coatings

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