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Evonik's novel surface protection for wood sets new standards - and is suitable for almost all types of wood surfaces

Published on 2007-11-21. Author : SpecialChem

Silanes from Evonik's Chemicals Business Area, previously known by the name Degussa-have been important components in paint and coating systems for more than half a century. Dynasylan® is now the leading global brand name for functional silanes. At this year's CHINACOAT, Evonik's Aerosil & Silanes Business Unit presents to the trade a product of the latest generation: Dynaysylan® SIVO 121, a water-based wood- surface impregnating agent for the protection of untreated and weathered wood surfaces.

Water-based and solvent-free, Dynasylan® SIVO 121 repels dirt and water, but is also breathable and protects the surface from the effects of weathering. Additionally, its use hinders the growth of microorganisms, for example, on garden furniture. Dynasylan® SIVO 121 is odorless and virtually invisible after application. Whether rolled, painted, or sprayed on to the surface, it is easy to use. It is suitable for almost any wood surface, regardless of whether the wood is untreated or already impregnated, weathered or unweathered, and originally glazed, waxed, or varnished. Dynasylan® SIVO 121 does not affect the expansion and contraction behavior of the wood, and is therefore particularly suitable also for outdoor objects without ground contact.

Dynasylan® SIVO 121 is used for water repellent (hydrophobizing) treatment as well as for oil and grease repellent modification of wood surfaces. Surfaces treated in this way repel water and, thanks to a highly efficient beading effect, even prevent the adhesion of oils and greases to the wood surface and their permeation into it. A positive side-effect here is a reduction of the tendency to staining caused by adherent dirt particles that are often carried by water or oils. The exclusion of water also lengthens the life of the treated woods. Evonik estimates that, depending on the dosage, the protection will last for up to three years. Surfaces treated with Dynasylan® SIVO 121 also remain breathable and have good weathering resistance.

Dynasylan® SIVO 121 represents the latest generation of the Dynasylan® SIVO product range. These are Multifunctional Silane SystemsTM, which combine a variety of different functions in a single product. Thanks to its own research and technical service worldwide, Evonik is now in possession of a large number of exclusive patents and technologies unique anywhere in the world. This is the base from which Evonik has developed its totally unique silane systems. Evonik's booth at the CHINACOAT (to be held between November 21 and 23, 2007) is 2F03-08 in Hall E2, where Dynasylan® experts will be available to inform visitors about the advantages of the new product.

RESINS Binders constitute the single-most important ingredient in paint systems. Degussa's resins and complete binder systems make it the solution-provider for the coatings industry.

Good weathering characteristics and suitability for a broad range of applications are what distinguish thermoplastic methacrylate resins (DEGALAN®) from chlorinated binders. Customers all over the world benefit from Degussa's leading position in polyester resins (DYNAPOL®) for both hard and flexible coil and can coatings. Specialty resins improve the intermediate adhesion and flow behavior of coatings on critical substrates.They also provide permanent corrosion protection. The silicone-based/silicone-hybrid binders (SILIKOPHEN®, SILIKOFTAL® and SILIKOPON®) constitute a class of their own. They provide resistance against heat, weather, corrosion, chemicals and UV.

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