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Evonik at ECS 2019: to Unveil Silane/PU Hybrid Crosslinker for Metal & Wood Coatings

Published on 2019-03-08. Author : SpecialChem

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Wood Coatings EvonikEvonik will be introducing the latest addition to the VESTANAT® product family at the European Coatings Show. As a constituent of one-component clear coatings, the new VESTANAT® EP-EF 201 silane/polyurethane hybrid crosslinker imparts a particularly sophisticated visual appearance to metal and wood coatings.

Features of VESTANAT® EP-EF 201

  • It is an environmentally friendly crosslinker
  • Contains only very small amounts of volatile organic compounds
  • It is suitable for both professional use and do-it-yourself applications
  • Coatings formulated with it are very easily processed: They cure even at room temperature and are dry after just one hour, thus allowing fast downstream processing

“Environmental aspects such as low solvent content are playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. With VESTANAT® EP-EF 201 we are helping to meet our customers’ requests in this regard, enabling them to formulate especially high-performance, but low-emission, coatings,” says Dr. Guido Streukens, head of VESTANAT Technical Service.

Other Products in the VESTANAT® EF/MF Family

At the trade show in Nuremberg, Evonik will also provide visitors with information about other products in the VESTANAT® EF/MF family. All of these combine the advantages of silane chemistry with those of polyurethanes—and so provide excellent scratch resistance with simultaneous retention of polyurethane properties in coatings.

The optimal crosslinker is selected from the various options depending on the substrate and curing temperature. VESTANAT® EP-MF 203 and VESTANAT® EP-MF 204 are solvent-free, ready-to-use hybrid crosslinkers that cure even at room temperature.

They can be used as moisture-curing binders or in combination with suitable co-binders such as acrylic resins. The proven unaccelerated crosslinkers of the VESTANAT® EP-M grade, on the other hand, are used when temperatures of 80°C to 160°C are reached during the coating process.

Source: Evonik
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