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EPA Approves Award-Winning Technology for Use in Wood Preservation

Published on 2008-01-28. Author : SpecialChem

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Viance LLC announces United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval of EcoVance™ Preservative - a high performance, non-metallic preservative with superior environmental benefits for use in wood protection. Viance will first introduce EcoVance Preservative to its wood preservative line in its new Ecolife™ Stabilized Weather Resistant Wood.

"Ecolife Wood with new EcoVance Preservative is an industry breakthrough that provides superior performance and environmental benefits compared to other types of treated wood," said Steve Ainscough, president of Viance. "Its unique ability to inhibit surface mold keeps wood looking better longer and with significantly less maintenance than lumber protected with other preservatives. This technology truly is the next generation of wood preservation and provides the industry with an exciting new choice for contractors and consumers who prefer the inherent strength and natural beauty of wood."

According to Alan Preston, Viance vice president of research and development, the patented EcoVance Preservative system offers long-lasting protection that significantly extends the service life of wood.

"During more than 11 years of extreme field testing at our test sites throughout the world," Preston said, "the patented EcoVance Preservative system demonstrated outstanding long-term performance against rot, decay and termites. In addition, when incorporated in Ecolife Stabilized Weather Resistant Wood, it reduced cracking, warping and splitting caused by weathering."

Viance conducted field tests in tropical locations, including Hilo, Hawaii and Tanegashima, Japan, as well as locations in North America, Colombia and Australia.

*The US EPA has approved EcoVance (active ingredient DCOIT) for use as a wood preservative, per registration number EPA Reg. No. 707-307.

EcoVance™ is Viance's brand name for 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (DCOIT), which is the active ingredient in the EcoVance Preservative system. In 1996, Viance joint venture partner, Rohm and Haas, was awarded one of the first Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge awards in the "Designing Greener Chemicals Award" category for DCOIT and its use as a novel marine antifoulant that replaced toxic tin-based compounds. Today, DCOIT is EPA-approved and marketed by Rohm and Haas for use in several applications, including marine antifoulant paints (Rohm and Haas' SeaNine™ biocide), architectural coatings (Rohm and Haas' Rozone™ and Rocima™ biocides) and plastics (Rohm and Haas' Vinyzene™ biocides). It is biodegradable and does not accumulate in soil.

EcoVance Preservative is approved and can be used for aboveground and in-ground wood applications such as decking, fencing and fence posts, rails, spindles, flooring, trellises, gazebos and wood shingles, millwork and joinery, trim and fascia, and sill plates.

"We are currently engaged in the building code approval process for the new Ecolife™ Stabilized Weather Resistant Wood with EcoVance Preservative, which will replace the currently approved Ecolife Treated Wood," said Ainscough.

Ecolife Wood with EcoVance™ Preservative can be painted or stained to match any outdoor color scheme. Left uncoated, it will weather to gray following long-term exposure to the elements.

Ecolife Treated Wood is quality assured through third-party inspection and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

About Viance LLC:

Viance LLC provides an extensive range of advanced wood treatment technologies and services to the global wood treatment industry. With an expertise in wood biocides and wood protection chemicals, Viance provides high-level product support to its customers to provide innovative, advanced solutions that improve the performance and durability of wood and wood products. Viance is a joint venture between Rohm and Haas Company and Chemical Specialties, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.

Source: Rohm and Haas

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