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Empils offers varnish "Rise"

Published on 2010-07-08. Author : SpecialChem

Company Empils began selling linseed oil oksol MF GOST 190-78.

Drying oil "flourishing" is intended to impregnate the wood and plaster surfaces before painting with oil paints, as well as for breeding gustotertyh oil paints. It consists of high-quality components (white spirit, drier and 55% natural vegetable oil).

Drying oil™ "Rise" provides a good filling then painted surface, reducing the consumption of paints and varnishes; branded packaged in plastic bottles to 0,4 kg.

ZAO Empils "included varnish oksol MF GOST 190-78 in product line" Rise ", which along with the main range is also available in alkyd and oil paints.

Source: Empils

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