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Empils makes a Restyling of EMPILS-GOST Products

Published on 2010-03-29. Author : SpecialChem

Empils has begun a restyling of the EMPILS-GOST product line. This is the oldest trademark in the range of Empils' brands. The traditional products are produced under EMPILS-GOST trademark; their formula is made in accordance with the state standard: white and colored enamels, floor enamel, primer and varnishes.

New appearance packaging makes an emphasis on this distinctive feature - conformity to GOST (state standard specification). The design has preserved the idea of a product "coming from the USSR"; it became more noticeable and nevertheless has remained strict enough.

Alternating dark blue and white strips on Empils' product packaging have created an effect of volume; the logo has also obtained a "third dimension". The font of inscriptions has changed, and the GOST name according to which the products are manufactured has appeared on the front of a can. This being said, the paper label for the most popular products (PF-115 universal enamels) was replaced with the image on a can itself.

The products of EMPILS-GOST trademark are the "classics", they are familiar to the majority of population for many years. EMPILS-GOST decorative coatings are made in accordance with the conventional technology, and stable quality and reasonable price contribute to their popularity among clients.

Source: Empils

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