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Empils has Got New Paints

Published on 2008-03-21. Author : SpecialChem

By the season of 2008 Empils has updated the product line of decorative coatings and product package design. The product line portfolio has been balanced and brought into compliance with changing market requirements. For various regions new trademarks - Edvard Star, Stroitel and Belka (altogether 16 new products) - have been developed. The product lines of the existing brands have been adjusted - 28 new kinds of products have been added. The coatings package design has been changed: the range of colors became brighter that will help the products to stand out on the sales outlet shelves.

EMPILS™ novelty products launch is planned both in alkyd and water-dispersion paint and varnish line. In this trademark range 5 new organ soluble kinds of products have appeared. There are alkyd urethane and alkyd varnishes among them and also alkyd glazing antiseptic compound. An orange scented indoor paint appeared in the EMPILS™ water-based product line. One more novelty is EMPILS super white water-dispersion paint for children's rooms. EMPILS finishing interior water-dispersion filler is intended for work inside premises. The universal concentrated tinter and water-dispersion tinting colorant will be manufactured in 2008 under EMPILS trademark. All EMPILS™ products will be manufactured with the updated labels.

The color palette of Rastsvet™ universal enamels is expanded to 30 shades. This trademark has also got modernized, but still recognized package in 2008. The updated design became volumetric and more luscious. In addition, thematic photos on which the objects intended for painting are shown are used on the labels of various categories of products. All models are united by the general theme of a rising sun. And Rastsvet™ universal enamel will be produced in lithographic containers now that emphasizes brightness of colors.

The design of Oreol™ package has also been completely updated by the season. The character familiar to many customers - the butterfly - has returned on the labels. Besides the thematic illustrations facilitating the consumer's choice are used in the package design. The new trademark Stroitel is introduced in the range of products of the Odessa plant Elaks (the Ukrainian enterprise of Empils). The products are positioned in economy segment and are produced in lithographic tins.

By the season of 2008 Elaks also launches the product line positioned in the middle low segment on the market, under Belka trademark. Belka™ is able to compete with the similar reasonably priced German and Polish coatings' clones.

TM Uyut product line portfolio, created at Elaks last year, has also undergone updating. New colors were added to the palette of colors of PF-115 Uyut enamel and Uyut floor enamel. Besides the Ukrainian enterprise of company has started manufacturing of the corrosion primer of the same trademark.

Source: EMPILS

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