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Empils has expanded the OREOL DISCOUNT range

Published on 2010-03-23. Author : SpecialChem

ZAO Empils has started to manufacture a new product - OREOL DISCOUNT oil-and-glue filler. This coating has complemented the range of OREOL DISCOUNT coatings marketed in 2009.

OREOL DISCOUNT filler is applied to level various surfaces (except for metal) inside the premises which should be painted by water-dispersion paints, oil paints, alkyd enamels, and also before wall-papering.

OREOL DISCOUNT filler is easily applied, it does not flow down from vertical surfaces, dries quickly; it is packed in plastic containers of 1.5; 3.5; 7 and 15 kg.

Also, OREOL DISCOUNT product line includes a bonding primer (concentrate), deep penetrating primer, water-dispersion polyacrylic paint for ceilings, interior paint, washable paint and facade paint.

OREOL DISCOUNT products are positioned in "economy" segment and give the customers an opportunity to purchase modern coatings of the well-known trade mark (OREOL) at affordable price. The formulation and raw material components of OREOL DISCOUNT coatings are selected so that to provide good value for money which became the reason of popularity of OREOL DISCOUNT products among the customers, this trade mark is one of the sales hits of 2009.

Source: Empils

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