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Empils Develops and Starts Production of two new kinds of Modified Alkyd Primers of Industrial Application

Published on 2005-09-20. Author : SpecialChem

Anticorrosive and insulating primers are developed in close cooperation with several large factories-metalwork manufacturers and intended specially for use by the enterprises of the branch as inter-operational primers.

New products developed by Empils' research center possess a number of tangible advantages.

Time of primers' drying at temperature +20°C makes 30 minutes for anticorrosive and 1 hour for insulating primers that allows to speed up the process of painting considerably.

High spreading capacity has allowed lowering the material consumption per square meter of painted surface. According to the independent conclusion of technologists of Nizhny Tagil metalwork factory where novelties passed industrial tests, their consumption is twice lower, than consumption of primers which the factory used till the present moment.

The consumer himself can choose the necessary level of anticorrosive protection. Insulating primer provides low film penetrability that prevents moisture and corrosive medium penetration in the protected surface. The anticorrosive primer is passivating - it contains the components forming protective oxide layer preventing corrosion on the surface of metal.
Primers can be applied differently: by dipping, jet pouring, pneumatic, vacuum or another kind of spraying, and also with the help of a brush. It allows the enterprises not to change traditional technology of painting.

New primers of Empils have shown excellent compatibility with various kinds of finishing coatings, including nitrocellulose enamels.

Source: Empils

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