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Elementis Launches New Powdered Version of Urethane Rheology Modifier

Published on 2023-05-24. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Elementis New Powdered Version Urethane Rheology Modifier Elementis, a specialty chemical supplier of rheology modifiers for paints, coatings & industrial aqueous applications, expands its product portfolio of 100% solid urethane rheology with the new RHEOLATE® PHX 7025.

The expansion of the patented RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT range exemplifies Elementis’s commitment to use rheology science to develop sustainable solutions that outperform conventional market alternatives.

Suitable for Safer & More Sustainable Formulations

Using the expertise and knowledge on rheology, Elementis changed the “rheology game” and successfully designed a full shear range of powdered versions of urethane rheology modifiers, suitable for safer, high performance and more sustainable formulations.

The paints & coatings industry is constantly seeking higher performing, safer and more sustainable solutions”, said Gerjan van Laar, global marketing segment manager Architectural.

At Elementis, we understood that our urethane rheology modifiers could offer the needed improvements, and successfully designed a 100% active powdered version of our urethane rheology modifiers, RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT range, suitable for high performing formulations”, stated Carlos Feito Fraile, technical director Performance Specialties.

Thanks to its unique chemical design, the product range RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT can easily be incorporated into a variety of paint & coating formulations, resulting in improved handling, increased efficiency and meeting the latest eco labeling requirements.

100% Solid Form with No Hazardous Labels

RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT provides great advantages regarding the health and safety profile of paints. Due to the 100% solid form, biocides are not needed, and it requires no emulsifiers nor surfactants, resulting in a VOC-free product range.

Furthermore, the RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT solutions are free of any hazardous labels. Powder thickeners allow paint manufacturers to formulate asthma & allergy friendly paints and help them attain EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Blaue Engel, Asthma Allergy Nordic and French NF Environmental certificates.

RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT realizes up to 80% CO2 reduction on transportation due to the fewer transportation movements that are needed. The 100% solid form avoids shipping water around the globe and therefore it makes a positive impact from a sustainability point of view. Next to that, it also reduces storage space in warehouses, and it is less sensitive to low temperatures regarding storage and transportation.

Designing Rheology Profile for Diverse Set of Applications

The RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT range opens up new possibilities for paints & coatings manufacturers to design their own rheology profile for a diverse set of applications.

The range consists of the new RHEOLATE® PHX 7025, which creates up to 10% more efficiency on usage as a high shear builder. RHEOLATE® PHX 7025 not only ensures superior spatter but also creates excellent stain resistance.

RHEOLATE® 208 is a trusted solution for superior flow and leveling as well as excellent brush drag and creates up to 18% more efficiency on usage as a high-mid shear builder.

RHEOLATE® FX 1100 is the low-mid shear builder with higher film build and creating an alkyd-like appearance.

Explore RHEOLATE® Range from Elementis

Source: Elementis


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